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7 Places You Must Visit in Cádiz, Spain

Ishwari Pamu
Characterized by narrow streets of cobbled stones, a blanket of white buildings, endless beaches, balmy climate and tapas bars on every street corner, here are few places you must visit in this quaintly historic city of Cádiz.

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This yellow-domed cathedral is from the 1700s.
Catedral de Cádiz
The highlights of this place are the crypt where you can view the tomb of the famous composer Manuel de Falla and the ornate wood-carved choir.
Castle of San Sebastián
An 18th century fortress, it's located on a small island and is disconnected from the main city. Due to this very reason, it was, for much of its standing, used as a prison or a quarantine.
Torre Tavira
It is a watchtower and stands 45 meters above the sea level.
The tower’s terrace offers the best views of the city and holds a Camera Obscura on the level below the terrace, which was instated in 1994. You can admire the entire city of Cadiz from this camera.

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Roman Theatre
If you are into history, the province of Cadiz has an extended action-packed one.
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The Romans settled here during the 1st century BC and built a theatre which is believed to be the largest ever built by them. The remains show that it featured a cavea which was more than 120 meters in diameter and could accommodate around 20,000 spectators.
Fiestas de Carnaval
Inspired by the Carnival of Venice, Fiestas de Carnaval begins on Shrove Tuesday, i.e., in February or early March. You can enjoy the gastronomical fiestas, carnival music in every corner of the city and people dressed in fancy costumes for 11 straight days.
Museum of Cádiz
Founded in 1970, the museum of Cadiz houses the archeological section which included the popular Phoenician marble sarcophagus of the 5th century. On the first floor is the collection of Francisco de Zurbarán and Tía Norica puppets.
The warm Mediterranean climate, postcard-like beaches and constant blue skies make Cadiz a popular destination among tourists. A few must-visit beaches are Playa de la Caleta, Playa de Santa María del Mar, Playa de la Victoria and Playa de la Cortadura.
Cádiz Beaches