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8 Amazing Things to Do in Ica, Peru

Bindu swetha Jun 19, 2020
Just 4 hours from south of Lima is the small city of Ica which may not find a place in traveler's to-visit places in Peru but surely deserves a place there! The beautiful oceanic views, the stunning desserts, and the breathtaking oasis awaits you at this charming city of Ica!
Get to the Nazca Lines
An area of about 50 sq km is covered with drawings of animals, plants and other objects drawn in sand at the Nazca Lines site.
You can either take a flight or a bus ride to reach the spot. Once you are at the site, climb up the observatory deck that is about 13 meters high, to see the lines.
Experience Magic at Huacachina Lagoon
One of the most popular places in Ica, the Huacachina Lagoon is the best place to enjoy a meal amidst the rawness of the desert and the beauty of the oasis!
You can take a stroll around the oasis, grab a drink from the many bars at the spot or simply hop on a sandboard or enjoy a wild ride on dune buggies - the place has it all!
Enjoy Cycling at Paracas National Reserve
The Reserve is spread over an area of about 335,000 hectares is a beautiful sight to watch where the turquoise ocean meets the orange desert!
The best way to explore the entire area is by hiring a bicycle. You can ride around the desert and get to an ocean and then back, all in the same ride.
Witness Wildlife at Isla Ballestas
The 'Poor Man's Galapagos' that are a group of rocky islands are home to sea lions, penguins, boobies, and the like. However, the area is a restricted one and no one is allowed to step a foot onto the island!
You can get onto a boat, take a two-hour journey and get close to islands to catch a glimpse of the adorable wildlife here!
One of the rare destinations that you are sure to miss on your trip to Ica is the lost Canyon de Los Perdidos!
Go Fossil-hunting at Canyon de Los Perdidos
A newly discovered canyon in the Atacama desert, the place has some huge fossils and magnificent scenes that are sure to blow your mind.
With some of the best wineries in Peru and also the first winery in South America Tacama, Ica's wines are naturally on the sweeter side due to the sunny climate!
Go on a Wine Tasting Spree
If you want to learn about the craft of winemaking, book a Pisco tour, where you can witness the making of Pisco (Peru's national drink) alongside getting to taste a few samples.
Just about an hour's drive from Ica will take you to Paracas where you can pick a souvenir or two before heading to a fine restaurant for a drink and indulging in some delicious seafood!
Visit Paracas
Capture the Setting Sun
Head straight to Huacachina with your camera, and wait for the perfect moment to capture a picture of the setting sun at the dunes!