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8 Awesome Things to Do in Falmouth, Massachusetts

Richa Singh May 18, 2020
Falmouth town lies on Southwest corner of Cape Cod, Massachusetts. It is essentially a summer destination with beaches, sun, sand, and many fun activities.
1. Sip Coffee at Coffee Obsession
It's a friendly local-owned coffee shop with some amazing options of coffee and bakery products. The walls here are covered with works of local artists, which you can buy as souvenir.
2. See the Marine Life at Woods Hole Science Aquarium
Built in 1885, the science aquarium is the country's oldest public aquarium. It has in its display approx. 140 species from Northeast and Mid-Atlantic US.
3. Travel Back in Time with Museums on the Green
This 2-acres of the premises has some great options for visitors: 18th century homes, cultural center, gardens, kids play area, outhouse, etc. Spare some time to indulge yourself in the enriching offerings of this place.
4. Indulge in Brilliant Performances of College Light Opera Company
Every summer, the theatre company produces 9 operettas and musicals once a week. The performances take place in Falmouth's historic Highfield Theatre and offer an escape into the world of music and drama.
5. Taste the Wine at Cape Cod Winery
Run by husband–wife duo, this winery offers an amazing variety of locally made wines prepared from organic home grown grapes. Do visit this homely, rustic, and cozy winery on your trip to Falmouth.
6. Shop for Clothing
Falmouth has some great shopping places. The Liberty House women’s boutique, offering clothing and jewelry; and Howlingbird Studio, offering their well-known printed clothing and accessories, are two of the wonderful options.
7. Relax at the Old Silver Beach
Unwind and lay down in the soft sand of Old Silver Beach, or relax yourself with a dip in its warm water. This much loved beach of Falmouth is a perfect picnic spot for families.
8. Try the Delicacies at Fishmonger Cafe
This restaurant offers the freshest seafood in town along with the luxury of delightful seaside views. This place is famous with locals and tourists alike.