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8 Beautiful Castles in Czech Republic

Dhvani Dedhia May 21, 2020
The Czech Republic a small hilly country in central Europe gives its visitors a fairy tale experience. Czechia is home to numerous gorgeous and magnificent castles, chateaux and palaces.
Although the capital city Prague is the most famous tourist destination in Czechia, the country side is a completely different dreamy scene to be explored.
Millions of tourists from all over the world visit Prague every year, and the Prague Castle should definitely be on your itinerary.
Prague Castle
Occupying around 70,000 sq. meters of area, the Prague castle is the largest castle complex in the world according to the Guinness Book of World Records.
The Karlstejn Castle was founded by King Karel IV of Bohemia and the Holy Roman Emperor in 1348 as his private residence and a safekeeping treasury for the holy relics and imperial crown jewels.
Karlstejn Castle
Kost Castle is surrounded by thick forest landscape. The word ‘Kost’ in Czech translates to ‘Bone’ in English; the castle was named as its walls were considered to be as thick and impenetrable as bones.
Kost Castle
Talk about fairy tales and this castle is the answer. One of the most beautiful chateau in Europe this castle is a must visit for everyone looking for a little romance in modern times.
Hluboka Castle
The Castle offers 6 different tour routes to choose from.
Situated in the Lednice – Valtice Complex surrounded by the largest parks in the country, this castle is amazingly preserved in the English Neo-Gothic style of architecture.
Lednice Castle
Located in the Liberec Region in Northern Bohemia, this castle is often known as ‘King of all Castles’ in Czech due to its Gothic origins. It is quite an important structure historically.
Bezdez Castle
Bouzov Castle is a beautiful Gothic castle in the Olomouc region in the eastern part of the country, dating back to the 14th century.
Bouzov Castle
It is the third largest castle complex in the Czech Republic. The palace consists of 320 rooms and about 10,000 art works and collection of books can be found here.
Jindrichuv Hradec Castle