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8 Best Tourist Places to Visit in Qingdao, China

Bindu swetha Apr 30, 2020
Surrounded by mountains and coastlines, the Qingdao province sits in the Shandong province, is considered to be one of the cleanest cities in China!
With less population, great climate, ancient European and Chinese-mixed architecture, great cuisine and some amazing historic sights, Qingdao is a great place to plan your next trip!
Old Man Beach 
Famous for its sea, your trip must kick off from the most famous place, the Old Man Beach which the biggest and the most-impressive beach in Qingdao!
Named after a rock outcrop that resembles an old fisherman, the beach offers amusement rides and water sports activities.
Mt. Laoshan 
The highest coastal mountain in China, about 1132.7 meters high, the Mt. Laoshan is known to be the birthplace of Taoism.
Being an important Taoism center, the mountain has about 72 Taoist temples alongside a beach resort and few scenic peaks (Hualou Peak, Ju Peak).
Qingdao Protestant Church 
Built in typical Protestant style, the church has sandy yellow walls and contrasting red tiles, making it a famous religious architectural spot in Qingdao!
With an old German bell and a clock face, the church's 18-meter high main hall is worth visiting for its architectural beauty. Though recently renovated, the church retains most of the old charm and style!
Zhanqiao Pier 
The symbol of Qingdao, this 440 m long strip of Zhanqiao Pier was the city's first wharf! Built in distinctive Chinese architectural style, the Huilan Pagoda at the end of the pier is quite a symbolic structure.
From the top of the pier, you can get an amazing view of the sea! There's a pier park at the shore where you can enjoy a stroll or spend some time sea-watching!
Zhongshan Park 
The city's biggest park, Zhongshan park, is China's very own Japan-style, cherry blossom park. The park holds an annual flower viewing festival in April and May.
If you happen to visit in July, you mustn't miss the Lantern Festival where beautiful, colorful lanterns are on display!
Qingdao Isle 
The small isle which is about 0.012 square kilometers long, has the iconic white lighthouse, known as the 'floating light of Isle', is another symbolic structure of Qingdao. This little island is a great place for a tranquil stroll.
No. 1 Bathing Beach 
The largest public beach in China, this bathing beach is one of the most scenic bathing beaches in the region! Surrounded by mountains on the three sides, the beach consists of calm waters and fine-sand slopes, making it a favorite tourist spot!
Badaguan Scenic Area
Known for its old-style villas, the Badaguan stretch has architectural styles of more than 20 countries and regions including Russian, French, Japanese, Danish, American, German and the like.
There is a nice sandy beach on one end in the area and a rocky beach on the other which is suitable for an evening walk! Lined with different tress of flowers such as peach, maple, the streets of the Badaguan are amazing for strolls.