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8 of the Best Cities in Japan

Known for its spectacular natural wonder Mount Fuji, Japan has modern to beautiful cities that are worth the visit.
Vinita Tahalramani
"The land of rising sun"
has a lot to say through its cities... read ahead...
Rich City of Japan
Senso ji, Tokyo Tower, Tokyo Skytree, Meiji Jingu, Tokyo Disneyland and a lot more is owned by this modern city of Japan. A proud metropolis, having everything for a tourist to make memories.
Experience the bullet train ride of about 140 minutes from Tokyo to Kyoto.
Most Beautiful City
With its spiritual charm, Kyoto makes for the most incredible destination in Japan and top the list of many itineraries. Temples and Geisha and the most interesting history are still preserved by the city.
Blend of Nature and Modernization
The city boasts of its nature's charm and the snow festival proves it all. So you understand now, that you have to travel to the place in February to grab the festival along with the very famous cuisines of the place.
One Having its Tragic Past
Itsukushima Floating Torii Gate (ensure to check before visiting, as the place is going through some construction) is one of the most visited places by tourists. The peace memorial gives you a chance to pay homage to the ones who faced the tragedy years back.
Famous for Food and Cherry Blossom
Osaka Castle is one of a kind castle stone walled, 8 floored museum, a place not to miss. The cherry blossoms here are straight out of a postcard and the food here also tells you that japan owns so many Michelin stars.
Hiroshima's Partner in Tragedy.
This harbor has its tragic story captured in the Nagasaki Atomic Bomb Museum( Not for weak-hearted). These give you chills. Peace parks of the city pay homage to those who witnessed the attack.
Temple City
Todaiji temple, Nara park and, Kofuji temple are some of the few attractions for tourists.
Mountainous yet Holds History
The city is famous for Sanno Matsuri ( spring festival). Where the entire place is decorated by nature and people celebrate spring coming.

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When in Japan, do not miss Sushi (you'll find it in all cities), as the locals will be more than happy to serve you this authentic one from their origin.