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8 Reasons to Visit Whitworth Art Gallery, Manchester

Bindu swetha
After its dramatic transformation and reopening in 2015, the Whitworth Art Gallery has become grander than before! With the motto of 'making art useful', the exhibition and work at the gallery have been consciously managed to achieve this motto.
For the last 125 years, Whitworth Art Gallery has been culturally enhancing the city. However, on Valentine's Day in 2015, the number of visitors visiting the museum broke all records!
People were eager to witness the grand transformation of the museum that cost the authorities a whooping £15m.
Reason #1: Superb Collections
Being about 125 years old, this art gallery comes with its own advantages - the collection (about 55,000 pieces) at the gallery is unmatched!
Some of the best textiles, prints and wallpapers in the country are displayed here, apart from having a grand collection of historic drawings by Holman Hunt, Rossetti, J.M.W. Turner, Thomas Gainsborough and the likes.
The sculpture section in the gallery features the work of Hepworths and Epsteins.
Reason #2: The Convenient Location
Easy accessibility by public transport due to its location in the south of the city center, makes it a convenient place to visit on a holiday! You can simply walk from the Oxford Road train station to the entrance of the gallery.
Reason #3: Reclaiming the Top Art Gallery spot in Manchester
Before the transformation that was guided by Maria Balshaw's vision, the Manchester Art Gallery was considered a favorite art destination for locals!
However, after a few years of hard work and spending £15m in restoration, the top spot in the Art Gallery section has been reclaimed by this wonderful place.
Reason #4: Spreading the Greenery
There might be very few galleries in the world that have a vast green cover surrounding their space!
The restoration of the gallery also meant adding few acres of green space with permanent sculptures and natural walkways. There has been an addition of a landscaped quadrangle, the Art Gallery, that has plants that suit the changing seasons.
Reason #5: Wallpaper Collection
Though an overlooked art form, the Whitworth gallery made sure to give this form its due credit! With an entire collection dedicated to this art form, the gallery has some of the best wallpapers, mesmerizing designs of the world.
Reason #6: The Beautiful Cafe
A glass structure in the middle of the trees where one can dine watching the beautiful park from one side of the window and the quadrangle garden from the other side - that's the ambience that awaits you with delicious food at the cafe in the green space of the gallery!
Reason #7: Shopping at the Store
You can shop to your heart's delight at the Whitworth Shop just off the main entrance lobby! Some books, vintage products, artefacts and culinary items can be purchased.
Reason #8: Family Engagement Programs
Catering to the needs of the young people who prefer an interactive experience over just a viewing experience, the family engagement programs at the gallery are worth attending.
There are art clubs conducted at the gallery that have a few activities that can keep kids engaged for a long time!