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8 Reasons Why You Should Travel to Trinidad and Tobago

Raksha Kulkarni Jun 25, 2020
Located near the northeastern coast of Venezuela, Trinidad and Tobago are among Caribbean’s ecologically diverse destinations.
The stunning white-sand beaches, beautiful waterfalls, swaying palm trees, and lush forests and mountains; make it a wonderful vacation destination.
Let's Check Out Some Reasons Why You Should Visit Trinidad and Tobago.
1. The Islands are Easily Accessible
Piarco international Airport in the capital – Port of Spain and A. N. R. Robinson International Airport in Tobago welcomes many airlines like the Jet Blue Airways, Caribbean Airlines, and American Airlines.
You may even find some good deals on the tickets too. Also, most of the population speak English language. Hence, it makes easy for travelers around the globe.
2. Amazing and Secluded Beaches
Both the islands offer some of the amazing beaches and moreover, they’re secluded too! They are like the best kept secrets of the Caribbean. It’s like miles of sandy shores offering numerous activities.
Some of the famous beaches are Maracas Bay and Las Cuevas in Trinidad; and Pigeon Point and Englishman’s Bay Beach in Tobago.
Also, many popular beaches are safe as they have lifeguards and flags indicating the water level.
3. Amazing Sightseeing
There are historical sites like the Fort King George located on a height. It's home to the Tobago Museum to check out colonial artifacts, maps, and skeletons of indigenous Native Americans.
Do visit the Temple in the Sea, a Hindu temple featuring unique design.
4. Tropical Weather Yearlong
Also, the islands are outside the ‘hurricane belt’ and are hence at a very low risk of storms.
The islands have only two seasons which are dry and rainy and the average temperature is around 27 – 30° C throughout the year.
5. Rich Wildlife
You’ll find hundreds of birds, mammals, snakes, amphibians, lizards, and corals around here. The islands are home to many endemic species like the Trinidad Piping, Trinidad worm Snake, or Tobago False Coral Snake.
Keep an eye around and you can spot pretty hummingbirds just around you. The Caroni Bird Sanctuary is home to 420 birds and is a sight to watch!
The Leatherback sea turtle, one of the largest reptiles in the world, can also be seen laying eggs on the beaches in the months of May to August.
6. Thrilling Adventures
Both islands have mountain ranges and peaks which are famous among hikers. Trinidad’s Northern Range boasts of two peaks more than 3,000 feet and Tobago boasts of peaks reaching 2,100 feet.
Trinidad also offers cave exploration like the Gasparee Caves in the western peninsula. The caves feature a shimmering crystal pool which reflects a spectrum of colors by the light that reaches the cave.
The Caribbean Sea is full of amazing fish species and corals, which make it ideal for snorkeling. The diving site also boasts of the largest brain coral in the world. You may even spot a few dolphins and whales nearby.
7. Oh, the Delicious Food!
Tobago is known for its local delicacy, Curried Crab and Dumplings. The crabs are cooked in a spicy and creamy sauce and then served with dumplings. Try the roti and curry in Trinidad, which you may choose to get like a wrap or served separate.
Some other delicacies are deep fried shark, the fish curry, fried plantains, coal pot chicken and Creole chocolate.
It’s also a tropical paradise for fruit lovers. Chenet or guinep is a native fruit and must be tried!
Tobago boasts of some of the best cocoa in the world and they offer great sampling tours in local plantations.
8. Amazing Festivals
The Tobago Jazz Experience is held annually in April featuring John Legend, R&B singer Brandy, Dionne Warwick, Melanie Fiona, etc. It actually takes you on a musical journey and entertains with several events.
Trinidad and Tobago’s Carnival is one of the largest celebrations in the Caribbean. Visitors come in from all over the worlds to take part in the parties, concerts, and competitions.
The carnival has cultural festivals, colorful dances, and performances of their national instrument, steel pan. People get to gorge on all their local cuisine too.
The Trinidad and Tobago Film Festival also attracts lot of crowd in September. The annual international event features screenings of local Caribbean films and workshops.