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8 Top Things to Do in Butte, Montana, USA

Richa Singh May 18, 2020
Butte city in Montana was established in 1864 as a mining camp, and has a glorifying history of its mining days to boast. The city nowadays is known as "festival city" of Montana because of numerous gatherings and events it hosts all round the year.
1. Explore the Berkeley Pit
This thousands of feet deep pit is an important part of Butte's mining history and is one of the most popular tourist attractions of the city. Visitors can see the pit through a viewing platform and get to know about its history during the visit.
2. Get to Know the City on Butte Trolley Tour
These two hour trolley tours take you through the Butte city's major attractions and its mining history. Tours are narrated by local experts and are organized during warm season between May and September.
3. Visit Copper King Mansion
This huge Victorian mansion was owned by one of the richest copper mine developers of Butte. He was infact one of the richest men in the world in 1900s. And guess what? You can even stay in the rooms here, even in the master bedroom!
4. See the Our Lady of the Rockies Statue
This 90 foot tall statue of Virgin Mary is situated on a hilltop overlooking the Butte city. People from varying religions came together for its construction. 2–2.5 hour tours are regularly organized in summer and fall to facilitate the visitor's visit.
5. Rejoice at Fairs and Festivals
Butte hosts some amazing fairs and festivals throughout the year, many of which celebrate its Irish lineage. Events include the Covellite International Film Festival, which showcases more than 100 films; St. Patrick's Day Parade where you can watch kilt wearing bagpipers.
6. Go Underground at the World Museum of Mining
You can spend your entire day here learning about the Butte's mining history. One of the most interesting places to see here is Orphan Girl Mine, which goes 100 feet underground.
7. Explore the History on Foot
There are walking tours available for those who want to know about Butte's history at a convenient pace. These 2–2.5 hour long tours are dramatically narrated and cover the history between 1890 and 1950.
8. Indulge in Outdoor Activities
Hiking, camping, biking, and fishing are some of the activities to get indulged in. During winters, you can even try skiing and snowmobiling.