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9 Interesting Things to Do in Siquijor Island, Philippines

Prabhakar Pillai
Siquijor is a pretty, off-the-beaten - path island in the Philippines. Attractions here include exquisite beaches, spectacular waterfalls and photogenic scenery.
The island is also known as Philippines' mystical island. Siquijor is associated with witchcraft and voodoo.
Pay Homage at the Lazi Convent
Constructed in 1891, Lazi Convent is Asia's oldest and biggest convent. Adjacent to the convent, is San Isidro Labrador Church.
The convent houses the Siquijor Heritage Museum which contains historical as well as religious items.
Visit Kanheron Ranch
This old museum has a superb collection of western artifacts.  Here visitors are transported to the times of the wild American west.
A must-see here is a beautiful wine room with a large quantity of imported wines.
Ascend Mount Bandilaan
Bandilaan is the tallest peak on this island. At the summit, you get spectacular views of the entire island.
The peak is not very difficult to climb and holds religious significance for the locals.
Drive Around the Charming Island
Rent a motorbike and visit the many attractions. The locals here are very welcoming.
As Siquijor is considered pretty safe, go down the dirt paths or bylanes and explore this small place.
Jump off the Cliff at Salagdoong Beach
Here you can take off from 7-meter high or 10-meter high planks and plunge into the crystal clear sea.
Today, the jumping locations are world famous, thanks to their viral images on social media leading to a tourist boom here.

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Participate in the Folk Healing Festival
The festival takes place every holy week. Healers from all parts of the island gather at Mount Bandilaan.
Herbs as well as potions are for sale here. Don't miss the healing sessions and cultural presentations that take place.
Enjoy a Fish Spa
A top attraction here is the 400-year old Balete Tree. There is a charming fish pond at the tree's base.
Dip your legs inside and allow the fishes to nibble your feet thereby removing the dead skin.
Explore Cantabon Cave
The fascinating cave boasts of magnificent stalactites and stalagmite formations. Visitors should be prepared to get wet and dirty.
Also you need to get the proper gear before entering the cave for safety. Inside the cave, a spectacular and exciting experience awaits.
Spend Time at Marelle's Underwater World Museum
The museum boasts of a huge collection of marine life and seashells of this country.
Discover Siquijor's unique fishing culture. Take back novel and pretty souvenirs from here.