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9 Reasons to Travel to Falkland Islands

Raksha Kulkarni Jul 2, 2020
Falkland Islands or Malvinas Islands is an archipelago located in the South Atlantic Ocean, almost 480 km from the southern tip of South America.
Many people don't even know where the islands are! But, we are here to give you all the reasons why Falkland Islands deserves to be in your travel list!
1. The Scenic Landscape
The unique and breathtaking landscape can’t be found anywhere. The islands are not much populated and boast of raw and diverse landscape.
The beautiful hills, pristine white sand beaches, towering cliffs, and some beautiful rocky areas are all offered by these islands.
A unique feature is the stone runs that flow down the mountains like rivers.
A bonus point is the weather here as it’s quite mild compared to the Antarctic weather. It is fairly cold with common wind and rains.
The landscapes with the animals are a photographer’s dream!
2. More Penguins than Humans
Not one, but five species of the penguin family are found here!
The Volunteer Point in east Falkland boasts of a lot of King Penguins. The Pebble Island is filled with the other four species, viz, Rockhopper, Magellanic, Macaroni, and Gentoo Penguins.
3. A heaven for Wildlife Lovers
Not only penguins, but the islands are home to the Southern Sea Lions, Southern Elephant Seals, and Fur Seals. These mammals breed along the coastline.
If you’re lucky, you may even spot the Southern Right Whale, Killer Whales, Long-finned Pilot Whale, Peale’s dolphin, and Commerson’s Dolphin.
Apart from the fauna, almost 250 species of plants are also found here.
4. A birdwatcher’s Paradise
There are more than 225 reported bird species here with several endemic species like Falkland pipit and Cobb’s Wren.
The Steeple Jason Island also boasts of 70% of the world’s population of the Black-browed Albatross.
You can also see curious caracara around. The sheer sight of hundreds of cormorants and other birds on the cliffs, is pleasing to the eye.
5. Visit the Remote Capital
Stanley is one of the smallest capitals and strolling around is the best way to explore it. Just enjoy the colorful houses, quaint gardens, and their restaurants.
Visit the Historic Dockyard Museum, Christ Church Cathedral (southernmost cathedral in the world), Government House, Solar System Sculpture, etc. The whalebone arch is one of the most-photographed places and is a must-visit.
6. Various Hiking Options
The best thing here is that you can trek anywhere you like. A famous one is the Grave Cove. There are very few marked tracks but it’s not very difficult to find your way.
You’re greeted with surprises like sand dunes or fields just around the corner. There is only one real road on the islands and all others are just tracks, which make it the best for off-road exploring.
7. The Rich History
A few historic places are the 1982 Liberation Memorial, Falkland Islands Museum, Darwin’s Argentine Military Cemetery, and the minefield warning signs.
You can also see some shipwrecks along the seafront in the capital city.
The Saunders Island boasts of the first British base at Port Egmont, which was set up in 1765
8. Participate in Iconic Events
Hundreds of locals go out for a mid-winter swim on the nearest Saturday to mid-winter. If you’re there on the right time, you may join to have this chilling but unique experience.
Enjoy a local horse race in the capital city, which has been a Christmas tradition since a long time. Local and international horse breeds can be seen participating in this race.
The world’s southern-most marathon, the Stanley Marathon, is held in the capital city. It is one of the most difficult because of the gradients and bad weather but it does have great views and fresh air to welcome the participants.
9. Find Peace
Last but not the last, travel to just get away and find peace. Internet here is quite slow and expensive; hence giving you the opportunity to completely distance yourself from the world distractions.
Just immerse yourself in the serene beauty, engage in activities like fishing, gorge on homemade delicious food and enjoy the warm hospitality.
The islands definitely teach you to love doing nothing and just be with yourself. It is like detox and therapy for your soul.