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9 Things to See Around Livorno, Italy

Bindu swetha May 2, 2020
With the third-largest port in the country, a beautiful coastline, a glorified history with forts, towers and city walls to remind us of the same, this capital city of Livorno province is an amazing destination to explore!
Terrazza Mascagni 
Overlooking the Tyrrhenian Sea, this waterfront promenade is a favorite spot amongst the locals!
With an aquarium on the property that displays all of the Mediterranean sea life and a Naval Academy, you mustn't visit the underwater archaeology on display!
Apart from the famous Leaning Tower of Pisa, this city near Livorno has a beautiful bell tower of the Romanesque, a marble Baptistery and a Cathedral that are worth visiting!
Take a stroll along the Arno River, passing by the Clock Palace and the Piazza dei Cavalieri to experience the essence of Pisa.
Santuario di Montenero 
The 18th-century Cappella della Vergine that houses the sacred image of the Madonna of Montenero and the gallery of ex-votos that include paintings, objects and models. The sunset from the terrace of the shrine is a beautiful sight to watch!
Fortezza Nuova 
The New Fort that was built in conjunction with the old fort and to increase the defences of Livorno, is surrounded by canals on all the sides.
The gun ports, beautiful gardens and grounds of the old fort as still intact and you can visit these and walk the battlements to get a clearer view of the canals and the city!
Livorno Port 
With a mix of commercial shipping and recreating terminals, this gigantic port is a historic site to visit! You can see the monolithic cruise ships that dock at the port.
Via Grande 
One of the important streets in Livorno, the Via Grande is full of shops, restaurants apart from important structures and square!
The Monumento dei Quattro Mori to the west and the Cattedrale di San Francesco at the center are two important structures on the street. Being at the center of the city, any tour of the city starts from here!
Nuova Venezia 
The New Venice (Little Venice) displays Venice-style architecture that includes canals, a boat touring the New Fort, a canal under the Piazza Della Repubblica and beautiful side footpaths to discover Church of Santa Caterina, is a beautiful way to experience Venice in the city of Livorno!
Costiera di Calafuria 
An integral part of the coastal defense system of Livorno, this majestic tower of Calafuria is a 20-meter high building rises along the Via Aurelia!
This food market is an important architectural structure that houses about 200 fish stalls, food and more! With a size as big as two football fields, you must visit the place in the mornings to taste local cheese, freshly-ground coffee and some delightful pastries!