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A Guide to Christmas Island, Australia

Reshma Jirage
Popularly known as the ‘Galapagos of the Indian Ocean’, Christmas Island is famous for its spectacular landscapes, amazing rain-forests and wonderful marine life. It is the superb destination to enjoy scuba diving, snorkeling and fishing.
Captain William Mynors of the Royal Mary, when sailed on Christmas Day in 1643, named this island as Christmas Island.
A biological diversity is a unique feature of Christmas Island, which includes a variety of sea birds, red crabs, whales and wonderful coral reefs. Different types of caves such as plateau caves, sea caves, coastal caves, collapses caves and fissure caves are the major attractions in Christmas Island.

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Since the Island is surrounded by the coral reefs, you must enjoy snorkeling to watch abundance of fish and dazzling untouched corals. The most popular and accessible point for snorkeling and swimming is Flying Fish Cove.

Flying Fish Cove

It is the most popular beach in Christmas Island. Due to its protected swimming areas, the beach is quite family-friendly. It is a great site for shore diving and snorkeling. The southern end of the beach is pretty with a long stretch of sand and amazing rock formation.

Bird Watching

A bird-watching experience on Christmas Island is truly unforgettable one. About 63% of Island is occupied with national park. Due to its vicinity to South East Asia and equator, Christmas Island is rich with a wide diversity of bird species.
With its unique rainforest ecology, there are hundreds of inquisitive bird species, such as Christmas Island Thrush, Christmas Island Frigatebird, the rarest Booby and Frigate birds.

Red Crab Migration

The most fascinating event on Christmas Island is breeding migration of red crabs.
Red crabs leave their homes and start marching at the same time towards the ocean for mating and spawning. Migration of crabs typically begins about 4-5 weeks before breeding in October to November.

The Dales

Located in the western coast, the Dales is one of the most iconic sites in Christmas Island. This rainforest comprises seven deep valleys, formed by several freshwater spring streams, which flow from the underground caves.
Hugh’s Dale waterfall is the main attraction in this area. In this wetland ecosystem, you can find a wide variety of vegetation with a huge population of red crabs and beautiful birds.

Turtle Watching

Christmas Island is a prime location for turtle watching. The surrounding waters offer the sight of two endangered species of sea turtle like green turtles and hawksbill turtles. Green turtles with their offspring reside on Dolly and Greta beaches.

Dolly Beach

It is a beautiful, serene beach, half an hour away from the town. This secrete beach is bordered by coconut palms with a beautiful coral reef. Numerous shallow rock pools and freshwater streams make a beautiful addition.