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A Guide to Lake Atitlan, Guatemala

Witness nature’s incredible beauty by visiting the majestic Lake Atitlan in Guatemala.
Meenakshi Sutar Jul 2, 2020
The natural formation of the lake by volcanic eruption 85000 years ago leaves you in awe. Lake Atitlan is surrounded by three volcanic mountains namely Atitlan, Toliman, and San Pedro offering breathtaking scenic views.
San Pedro
Enjoy hiking to this volcanic mountain by the lakeside and scenic views of coffee plantations, alpine grasslands, and subtropical jungle.
San Marcos
Explore the Mayan village of San Marcos where you can try therapies such as yoga and Reiki. Also, savor delicious food in organic restaurants here.
Santa Cruz La Laguna
Visit this scuba capital of the lake and enjoy a thrilling experience of diving deep to witness underwater scenery of submerged shells of hotels and houses.
Visit this largest town of Atitlan which is popular for locally made crafts and clothes. Also, foodies can enjoy tasty food and relax in a wide range of restaurants here.
La Nariz De Indio
Watch the sunrise with scattering of beautiful colors in the sky and picturesque views of the lake from the top of this sacred mountain that will give you an otherworldly experience!
To explore the lake you can take motorboats and use chicken buses and tourist shuttles to explore the nearby towns.
How Long to Stay?
Lake Atitlan is so magical that you can enjoy a one-day trip or even stay for three to four days, that will give you the best of your vacation and will turn out to be the most memorable trip for a lifetime.
You can plan your trip to Lake Atitlan in the summer between November and May when the weather there is dry and hot.
Best Time to Visit
Whether you want to savor nature’s beauty, do hiking in the mountains or want to explore the culture of Mayan villages, Lake Atitlan is the best destination you must visit at least once in a lifetime!