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A Guide to the Most Beautiful Islands in Maldives

Priya Johnson

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The Maldives are practically on everyone's bucket list, however, it comprises over a 1000 islands. Let's take a look at some of the most amazing Maldive islands and shortlist them for our vacation.
Biyadhoo Island
Circular in shape, this island is a privately-owned one and needs you to make bookings at the resort to enjoy it.
Once you've booked a stay at this island resort, you get to enjoy a whole plethora of water sport activities right from scuba-diving, snorkeling, wind surfing to canoeing, stand-up paddling, etc.

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Hulhumale Island
This is a man-made island and a beautiful one indeed! it's the perfect combination of urban and picturesque Maldives life. Enjoy an amalgamation of luxury and tropical scenery here.
Sunset Cruise
A wonderful way to view the skyline of this artificial island in the light of the setting Sun is by going on a sunset cruise. A truly mesmerizing island!
Unlike other islands of Maldives, this island offers a whole lot of things besides usual water sports. Sign up for culture tours to interact and understand locals, tour this artificial island city and be amazed at how green and clean it is. It's amazing how man can create something so beautiful!
Veligandu Island
This compact, privately-owned island allows you to walk around it in just half an hour. It's a beautiful island to spend time in peace and tranquility.
Hammerhead Sharks
Although there aren't many adrenaline-thumping activities here, one exciting thing to do is dive and view the majestic hammerhead sharks.
Drone Photography Package
This island resort offers wonderful photography packages, including the drone ones, wherein you can capture aerial views of yourself during your island vacation. Definitely unique!
Male Island
Capital of the Republic of Maldives, this island's culture and vibe isn't that of peace and tranquility, but of energy and busyness.
There are several resorts on the island, where you can definitely enjoy a peaceful and quiet vacation if you wish to. Each resort offers luxurious and scenic settings to make your stay pleasurable.
Mirihi Island
This thin strip of private land tapers into the turquoise blue waters giving you a stunning island experience. It's also one of Maldives' smallest island resorts, imparting the feeling of being on your own private island.
It's just a 30 minute flight from the capital Male island. A seaplane or water plane will bring you from Male to this island resort.
Snorkeling is a must-do activity while on the island. The island boasts of a 6 km long house reef with all possible marine creatures you can imagine. It's considered to be one of the best among the Maldives house reefs.
While all other water sport activities are offered here, diving is again highly specialized with varieties like night diving, drift diving and even fluorescent diving. Enjoy them to the fullest at their diving spots.
Vaadhoo or Mudhdhoo Island
Situated only 8 km from Male island, this island showcases one of the most phenomenal sights you'll ever behold at night - glowing or bioluminescent beach. Just as stars sparkle in the sky, you'll find the sea sparkling.
The fluorescent blue light dots are attributed to the plankton growing in the Indian Ocean, which when disturbed create this luminescent light. We've all witnessed glow worms, now imagine a whole beach lit up in tiny dots of fluorescent blue. How magical!
Baros Island
This island resort is mainly for honeymooners and adults. Children are not allowed. A lot of romantic activities are offered by the resort.
The resort offers to set up romantic dinners for two at the beach, on the piano deck or simply anywhere of choice. It's the most romantic, picturesque setting you can dine in.
Dhuni Kolhu Island
The highlight of this island is its Coco Palm Dhuni Kolhu resort, an eco-friendly beach resort. It offers all possible luxuries and amenities along with the clear conscience that your stay is not harming nature.
Besides the white sand and alluring turquoise blue waters, this island is applauded for its efforts to remain eco-friendly. The resort has invested in several recycling projects to help preserve the environment around it.
The best part about this beach resort is their commendable efforts to protect the island and everything around it. A number of recycling and waste management projects have been invested in to make this resort eco-friendly.
Yet another unique feature of this resort is it offers Embudhoo, a thin strip of land jutting into the ocean. It houses only one well designed hut. You get to live like Robinson Crusoe and enjoy the island to yourself.