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All You Need to Know About the Golden Bridge, Vietnam

A majestic wonder has hands of the mountain god as its structure.
Vinita Tahalramani
Doesn't that sound interesting! So know more about the place as this definitely needs to be in your bucket list.
The bridge is not hanging, but is uniquely designed with holding hands!
The pedestrian bridge is only 150m long but trust us this has been the most visited tourist attraction.
Vu Viet Anh, the bridge architect made this sensational design in the Sun World Amusement Park.
Mesmerized by pictures till now! You ask how to reach here!
Cable car is the answer. And to your surprise you are going to ride on the world's longest cable car ride.
FYI: The bridge sits on the altitude of 4,921 feet above sea level.
Yes! The longest cable car!
Reviewed as "Walking on the clouds" looks like true here!
The top of the bridge gives you some fantastic landscape views.
The aged hand look blends it rightly with the forests that surround.
FYI: It is not only tourists that walk here. The bridge also hosted a fashion show and plans do more events like so!
You among the 'photoholic' or 'selfieits', ahead are some quick tips to make a new collection for your social media.
If you get some more unique pictures during your visit do share it with us.☺️
1. Between the hand
2. Romantic couple pose
3. Panorama is a must
4. Some portraits are a must too
What not to miss when visiting the pedestrian bridge.
The place also known as Love Garden has its beauty replicated with the Eiffel tower.
French Village

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Pho, Banh Mi, Goi Coun, Com Tam and lot more to give treat to your taste buds and also not too heavy on your stomach.
Eat Eat and Repeat!
Do come to the Cau Vang and have an experience of lifetime.