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Amazing Attractions in Selbyville, Delaware

Shivangi Mujumdar Nov 28, 2020
Located at the southern tip of Delaware, Selbyville has gained immense popularity. The journey of endless discoveries at Selbyville is awaiting. Explore them all now!
Either kid or adults - everyone would enjoy the beauty of this farm. In this farm, you will see different types of food, animals, and many more. Enjoy your entire day around the beauty of nature!
Gallrein Farm
Heal the hot afternoon in the cold water and enjoy the night light while seeing the surrounding beauty! This park has 1000 feet sliders, pools, and a terrific amusement park. So, make sure to enjoy the fantastic rides safely!
Thunder Lagoon Water Park
You can find various resorts in Selbyville with incredible facilities where you can enjoy to the fullest! Either in day or night, relaxing and enjoying at the beach will surely make your day colorful!
Selbyville Beaches and Resorts
Selbyville cuisine is quite different from the rest. Make your day exciting by eating the mouth-watering and delicious foods at Selbyville.
Explore the Delicacies
Fenwick Island Lighthouse
This lighthouse is one of the most iconic attractions for tourists. With the magical lights and water scenes - this 87 ft lighthouse becomes more mesmerizing!
Kendall's Tavern Nightlife
Save your time for Kendall's Tavern restaurant. Along with the restaurant, there is a bar for wine lovers! Forget all the limits in this pub and enjoy the night with happy lighting.
Winterthur Museum, Garden and Library
A fabulous museum placed on 1,000 acres of green meadows and lush woodlands is considered as one of the best places in Selbyville. It is the perfect combination of ancient history and modern decor. Best fit for nature lovers!
Delaware Seashore State Park
This park has been here since the year 1876, known as a historic park. It also offers artifacts exhibits. Visiting this park is really fun and much adventurous!
The Skyline Drive-In
This theater is famous for its unique features. The skyline drive-in cinema has a double screen feature, and along with these, pets are also allowed! So, don't forget to explore Selbyville's best place!
Entertainment and Nightlife Zone
The Selbyville nightlife and entertainment zone are always full of fun. You can find numerous clubs and restaurants opened at night also! And with this, you can experience beautiful night time too here.
Happy Holidays with your gang!