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7 Amazing Caves in Spain That You Should Not Miss

Shantanu Godase Jul 22, 2021
Do you know that Spain has ample caves that offer you a one-of-a-kind experience of visiting them?

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There are thousands of caves in Spain. Some of them are popular while others are hidden and only the adventure junkies and curious travelers can spot them.
The caves of Spain stand out in terms of their beauty. These caves are like no other place and hence you must not miss exploring the same.
Here are the top amazing caves in Spain that you must visit on your trip to the country.
The Caves Of Drach
These caves are one of the most famous spots in Spain and are located in Porto Cristo. You can find them inside the Lake Martel.
Interestingly, this lake is one of the largest underground lakes in the whole world. The cherry on the cake is that you can witness an amazing music concert of live classical music at this cave.
The Caves Of Valporquero
These caves are situated in the province of Leon. The place is formed by gigantic cavities, thereby offering a stretch of 2.5 kilometers.
There are seven different rooms as well as a passage. Each of these rooms is unique and beautiful. These caves are a must-visit.
The Cave of Zugarramurdi
This cave is also referred to as the Cave of Aquelarres. The formation of this cave is as a result of the erosion from Infernuko erreka.
This cave also boasts some piece of history that you can learn upon visiting here. This place is in fact a series of caves. The largest one measures 100 meters long and 30 meters high.
Atapuerca Archaeological Site
Another popular spot to visit for all the history fanatics is the Atapuerca Archaeological Site. This place is flanked by the farm fields.
As you start going inside, you will experience an amazing ambiance. This place is a unique attraction in Spain. If you are a curious observer, you are going to love the caves built here.
The Cave Of Altamira
This place is located in Santillana der Mar, a stunning town in Cantabria. You can spot some prehistoric artwork in this cave.
Although the site remained closed to all the tourists and visitors for years, a replica of it was created near this location. You can also spot some original artistic creations and paintings here.
Serinya Prehistoric Cave Park
This is a cave park that rests at a distance of few kilometers from Lake Banyoles. This spot happens to be an asset of cultural and national value in Spain.
You can spot some beautiful and rustic archaeological sites in the three different caves here, namely, Mollet, Arbreda, as well as Reclau Viver.
You can also practice different activities such as painting, archery, and learn to build craft tools, fire, etc.
Coves de Sant Josep
Cave paintings, archaeological sites, and other ancient attractions dating back 15,000 years are the highlights of this place.
This area also includes a stretch of 2 kilometers. However, this particular stretch is inaccessible to the visitors.
Spain is home to some of the most beautiful and unique caves. Plan your visit to these caves in your Spain itinerary. You will return with ample knowledge, memories, and of course, pictures.