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All You Need to Know About Qatar

Chaitrali Datar
Officially called as the 'State of Qatar', Qatar is an independent emirati in the Gulf region.
Qatar is situated on the Arabian Peninsula which extends north to the Persian gulf.
Qatar: Culture
The culture of Qatar is strongly influenced by the Bedouin culture.
  • The Bedouin territory stretches from the deserts of North Africa to shimmering sands of the Middle East.
  • The culture is known for their warm hospitality, as these dwellers have survived extreme harsh conditions themselves.
The rich traditions and the modern architecture  shape the social fabric of the emirati. It is a brimming pot of high quality of life, numerous job opportunities, and culinary delights.
Meeting and Greeting People
  • Men in Qatar introduce themselves with a handshake especially in formal meetings.
  • While greeting a woman however he should not extend a hand.
Only if a woman extends her hand during introduction should he return the handshake back.
Hierarchy runs dominant in Qatar and elders are massively respected and so is the status. They should be addressed with titles if need be.
  • Before starting any conversation never get straight to the point.
  • Always engage in small talk first (interviews, informal meet, business meet)
Qataris value family life tremendously and most of them have a very huge domestic unit.
  • 90% of the marriages are arranged.
  • Couples undergo counselling sessions before the marriage.
  • Any form of public intimacy is strictly banned and if violated can attract fine or imprisonment.
Dining Etiquette
  • Formal invitations are to be strictly followed in Qatar.
  • In a restaurant always call the waiter by the palm of your hand.
  • When you are full always leave a small portion on your plate. The host (in a hotel or home) will understand.
  • Sharing a meal is very common in Arab culture.
Something more about the Culture
  • You can never go directly to an Arab woman and talk.
  • Refrain from taking any photographs especially of military monuments.
  • In gifts, food is the most common product.
  • Social norms are to be strictly followed and there are listed in the Qatari Ministry of Foreign Affairs.
Facts about Qatar
Qatar is one of the wealthiest countries in the world!
124,946 USD per capita!
Qatar has the least risk of natural disasters especially earthquakes and is one of the safest country to visit.

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Camel races are extremely popular in Qatar. It is the favorite sport of the locals!
Petrol is extremely cheap in Qatar. How cheap? It will cost more to buy your two Starbucks coffee than filing your tank!
Qatar does not have a single natural tree! Neither a forest!!!
The Qatar Airlines is one of the best in the world with exquisite facilities and luxury travel!
Qatar is home to some of the most magnificent museums with amazing architecture.
Qatar Travel

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The citizens of Bahrain, Kuwait, Oman, Saudi Arabia and UAE do not require a visa to enter Qatar. Only a National ID is required.
For rest of the countries the rules of entry and duration of the stay are different and you need to check if you have to visit Qatar.
  • Be prepared to face the sun in Qatar.
  • Qatar is hot and carry with you sun protection for an enjoyable sightseeing!
  • Uber and Public transport buses are your best bet while exploring Qatar.
  • You can walk around the city but only in the night (are you brave enough to face the sun in the day?)
The National Currency of Qatar is Qatari Riyal. You can exchange the currency at the Hamad Int. Airport ATM post the immigration.
As a tourist do follow all the social norms as Qatar follows customs and traditions strictly.
Best months to visit Qatar:
December to February.