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Amazing Day Trips From Rome

Merge your Roman holiday with easily accessible Italian towns.
Sreedevi Nair
The ‘Eternal City’ - Rome is  colossal and you can’t explore it all in a day. However, you can definitely visit these following Italian places  in a day from Rome.
Day trips from Rome that takes less than an hour.
Hop on a Bike!
Vatican City
The closest destination to visit from Rome on a day trip is the Vatican City.
One of the smallest countries in the world, Vatican City is the abode of Pope and one of the best places to explore the stunning artworks of Bernini and Michelangelo.
Set 30 kilometers east of Rome, Tivoli is a hilly township immersed in historic elements amid stunning nature vistas.
While visiting Tivoli, a tour of  the picturesque Villa d'Este and the rustic Hadrian's Villa should absolutely feature in your travel plan.
Castelli Romani
A quaint township sheathed in lush green hills and vineyards nestled on the edge of a gorgeous lake. Foodies will fall in love with this place as it has some amazing Italian treats to enjoy.
Perched high on a cliff in Umbria, this charming coastal township is teeming with rustic lanes, mosaic facades and many fascinating remnants of Italian history.
Don’t forget to sample some of the regions’ popular white wines.

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Time for a Road Trip!
Destinations merely a couple of hours away from Rome.
Cobbled streets, stunning brick-red duomos, medieval cathedrals and piazzas... Florence is steeped in heritage architecture and art.
Though you can visit Florence as a day trip from Rome, you will love it so much that you would rather stay back in Florence for more than a day and explore more.
The colorful and bustling hub of Italy, Naples allures visitors with its heritage charms and stellar sea views. While you are here, venture out to explore artistic and authentic epicurean treasures of Italy.
A classic town immersed in heritage and a place of significance for pilgrimage, Assisi is profound in Franciscan sites and has a fascinating collection of churches, cathedrals and basilicas.
Blissful Train Trips...
More than 2 hours away from Rome
Around 30 minutes away from Naples lies the ancient Italian city of Pompeii brimming with rustic archaeological wonders of the bygone era. A great spot to visit for history lovers.

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Don’t miss out on clicking a picture with the famous Leaning Tower of Pisa.
Apart from this famous architectural landmark, this destination is a haven for picturesque landscape views and Italian heritage.
A beautiful coastal town perched on the picturesque shorelines of Bay of Naples, Sorrento is a dreamy cliffside town seasoned with citrus groves, seaside resorts and breathtaking panoramas of sea and mountains.