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Amazing Facts About Chocolate Hills, Philippines

Bindu swetha May 18, 2020
How we wish these hills near the island of Bohol were made of chocolate! But alas, they aren't! They are just named so because of their changing color in the dry season.
The Hills
With 1268 cone-shaped hills that are spread over an area of 50 square kilometers, the Chocolate Hills are a popular attraction.
The height of these limestone hills ranges from 30m to 120m!
With no underground water system like the other limestone hills usually do, these hills tend to flood due to natural rivers and springs!
The hills have marine deposits such as coral, algae and mollusks!
It was declared a World Heritage Site apart from being a National Geographical monument (1988). 
Two of these hills have been turned into resorts for tourism purposes - one in Carmen called Chocolate Hills Complex and the other one at Sagbayan called Sagbayan Peak!
And it is named so, because...
Though the hills are covered with greenery for most of the season, they turn chocolate brown towards the dry season, earning the name of Chocolate Hills!
Few locals say that the hills look like a box of chocolates when viewed from the top, hence the name Chocolate Hills!
Legends say...
An interesting legend says that two giants were competing with each other in a rock-throwing competition when they happened to throw these boulders in the island! However, after a few days, they became friends and left the island altogether, leaving behind these hills!
Another legend says a giant named Arogo fell in love with a mortal woman in Bohol. After she died, the giant cried for days. It is believed that his tears solidified into these hills!
If you aren't the one who believes in these legends, then the scientific reason behind the formation of these hills is the erosion of rail, ground and water of limestone rocks.