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Amazing Facts About Cologne Cathedral You Should Know

Maya Pillai
Cologne Cathedral is situated in Cologne, Germany.
Locally, Cologne Cathedral is known as the K├Âlner Dom.
Cologne Cathedral is a renowned monument of German Catholicism and Gothic architecture.

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It was declared a UNESCO World Heritage Site in 1996.
Construction of Cologne Cathedral began in 1248 and was not completed until 1880.
Over a span of 7 centuries, the successive builders were inspired by the same faith and spirit to follow the original master plans.
It is a Roman Catholic cathedral and the seat of the Archbishop of Cologne.
The panorama of the city is highlighted by the two gigantic towers of the Cathedral ever since their completion.
Cologne Cathedral is the second tallest building in Cologne after the telecommunication tower. It measures 145 meters.
Did you know that the North Tower is higher than the South Tower by 7 centimeters?
Interiors of this Cathedral is the third largest in the world.
The church occupies 8000 square meters of the floor space and can seat 20,000 people.
As in all Gothic Cathedrals, the layout of the church is in the shape of a Latin Cross.
Stained glass windows called Bayernfenster were a gift from Ludwig I of Bavaria.
The medieval choir stalls can seat up to 104 people. You will notice the works from 13th and 14th century architecture here.
The Shrine of the Magi or the Shrine of the Three Kings is a reliquary. It contains the bones of the Three Kings/Wise Men.
The relics of the Magi were brought to Cologne in 1164. The reliquary here drew pilgrims from near and far in Middle ages.
Cologne Cathedral houses the oldest large sculpture of crucified Christ north of Alps. The Gero Crucifix dates back to 965 AD.
An elegant wooden sculpture depicting Mary and infant Jesus that dates back to 1290 BC known as Madonna of Milan is installed in Sacrament Chapel.
The bell tower houses the largest swinging church bell in the world. Of the 11 church bells, 4 bells date to Medieval ages.
To enjoy the scenic beauty of Rhine, you can climb the 509 stone steps of the spiral staircase.
During World War II, the Cathedral was bombed 14 times, but it withstood the assault.
If you are someone who believes in miracles and also love the Gothic architecture, your next stop should be none other than the Cologne Cathedral.