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Amazing Facts About New Brunswick, Canada

Maya Pillai Jul 28, 2020
New Brunswick is located on the east coast of Canada. This province borders with Atlantic Ocean on the east, Quebec on the north, Bay of Fundy on the south and Maine, a US state on the west.
New Brunswick has an estimated population of 750,000 as of April 2019, and is the 8th populous province in Canada.
In terms of total area, New Brunswick is the 11th largest province in Canada.
Fredericton is the capital. The city is located on the west-central part of the province.
Saint John River bisects the city of  Fredericton as it flows from west to east.
An interesting fact - New Brunswick nestles within the Appalachian Mountain ranges.
Mount Carleton is the highest peak in New Brunswick. It is one of the prominent features of the International Appalachian Trail.
The black-capped chickadee is the official bird of New Brunswick.
The province is known for the the warmest beaches north of Virginia: Parlee Beach.
New Brunswick is known as the Lobster Capital of the world. The world's largest lobsters are founder here!
McCain Foods Limited, known for its French Fries is a Canadian company. It was established in 1957 in Florenceville-Bristol.
Old Sow is the largest whirlpool in the Western Hemisphere. Situated in New Brunswick, it is the second largest in the world.
University of New Brunswick, established in 1785, was the first English-speaking university in Canada.
Winnifred Blair, the first Miss Canada was from Saint John.
The highest tides in the world are found in the Bay of Fundy. These waves rise up to 3.3 feet per hour!
Did you know? River Saint John, flows backwards twice a day because of the incredible tides of Bay of Fundy!
The world's longest covered bridge is right here in Hartland. The length of the bridge is 390 meters!
Saint John has the oldest Canadian Museum, the New Brunswick Museum. It dates back to 1842.
Magnetic Hill where the objects roll uphill is in Moncton, New Brunswick.
Woodstock, the oldest town in New Brunswick is 150 years old.
The first Gothic Revival Cathedral built in North America between 1845 and 1853, was the Christ Church Cathedral in Fredericton.
The Head Harbor Lighthouse is the second oldest lighthouse in New Brunswick.
New Brunswick is the second largest peat exporter in the world.
There are 15 species of whales in the waters of the Bay of Fundy.
Over 500,000 Christmas trees are harvested every year in New Brunswick.