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Amazing Facts You Did Not Know About the Gambia

Bindu swetha Jul 1, 2020
The smallest nonisland country in West Africa, along the river Gambia, is known for its beautiful coastline, serene beaches, diverse wildlife and tourism-friendly climate!
The Gambia is a narrow country with a width of about 48 kilometers at its greatest width!
The Gambia river is one of the major rivers in Africa that stretches about 1,120 kilometers from Senegal into the Atlantic Ocean.
It is an unusually long country that shares its border with Senegal.
About 11.5% of the country's area is underwater which is about 1,300 square kilometers! This makes about 80 kilometers of coastline.
The temperature in the country ranges between 29°C and 34°C that is an ideal climate for holidaying!
About 4% (430 square kilometers) of the country's area is protected area by the Government. This area is converted into 3 national parks, bird and natural reserves apart from other types of protected areas.
The Abuko Nature Reserve is a popular tourist attraction, is the country's first wildlife reserve that was formed in the 1960s.
The Arabs were the first people to reach the region of Gambia in the 9th and 10th centuries! After the Arabs, the Portuguese reached the place via sea in the 15th century, to initiate overseas trade.
However, it left Commonwealth in 2013, to become an independent nation!
A British colony from 1765 to 1965, Gambia achieved independence on 18 February 1965 as a constitutional monarchy within the commonwealth.
The Kachikally crocodile pool is one of the three sacred crocodile pools that is used for fertility rituals! There are about 80 crocodiles in this pool that is owned by one of the founding families of the country, the Bojang family.
The Stone Circles of Senegambia that consists of about four large groups of stone circles (Sine Ngayène, Wanar, Wassu and Kerbatch) have about 1000 monuments in a band of River Gambia!
It's 'The Gambia' and not just 'Gambia'! The reason for this is to avoid confusion with Zambia, as explained by the Prime Minister in 1964.
Mandinka, Wolof and Fula are the official languages of the Gambia, apart from English.
Borreh is a form of wrestling which is the national sport of the Gambia!
The official football team of the Gambia is nicknamed as The Scorpions!
Each of these stones is dropped in the candidate's defined holes, and the candidate with maximum stones is elected!
There's a unique way of carrying out elections in the country. Gambians vote using stones that are presented with holes that represent each candidate.
The official title given to the President of the country is Sheikh Professor Doctor President!
The Gambia is a liberal Islamic country where the citizens are free to brew their own beer i.e. the Julbrew!