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Amazing Facts You Didn't Know About Brunei

Bindu swetha Jun 22, 2020
Brunei Darussalam - the tiny, oil-rich country that is bordered by Malaysia on three sides, is a country worth visiting for its disciplined social structure and stunning beaches and towns!
With a total land area of 2,226 miles, Brunei is one of the smallest nations in the world.
Except to the north, this country is surrounded by Malaysia on three sides and then there's the South China Sea to the north!
With most of the country's terrain is covered with jungles, there are flat plains to the east while hilly lowlands in the west. The country enjoys a hot and humid, tropical climate.
A rare form of frog species, the Belalong Tree Frog is found exclusively in Brunei.
About 35 plant species, namely the bamboo Temburongia simplex, the orchid Coelogyne bruneiensis and the like, are exclusively found in Brunei!
The name Brunei Darussalam means 'adobe of peace'. This stands true because the average life expectancy in the country is about 77 years, which is higher than the neighboring Southeast Asian countries.
It is believed that the origin of the land of Brunei began with the Spanish colony, further becoming a Japanese colony and then have pirates frequently visiting their land. After the attack on Pearl Harbor, the Japanese attacked Brunei for getting oil reserves!
It was after 100 years of protectorship, in 1984, that Brunei finally got independence from Great Britain!
The company, Shell, gets most of its oil from the offshore drilling platforms in Brunei.
The country has been ruled by the same royal family for more than 600 years! Brunei is a monarchy led the country, currently ruled by Sultan Haji Hassanal Bolkiah Mu'izzaddin Waddaulah ibni Al-Marhum Sultan Haji Omar 'Ali Saifuddien Sa'adul Khairi Waddien.
The Sultan of Brunei holds an honorary rank in the United Kingdom's Royal Navy and Royal Air Force!
The literacy rate in the country is high - about 97.65%!
The Sultan has about 5,000 cars in his personal collection.
Being a completely Islamic observant nation, Brunei has some of the beautiful mosques in the world! The country permits visitors to visit the mosque during non-praying hours, in proper dress.
There is an International Quran reading competition held in the country. The winner of the competition is awarded about BND 2,000 every month for the rest of their lives! The competition judges people who recite the Quran in a most melodious voice.
Apart from the royal family, the local people also enjoy owning a car. There's about a car for every two people in the country!
The people of Brunei are privileged not to have to pay any income tax and still enjoy the benefits of free education and healthcare!
Public service job is considered to be one of the most prestigious jobs in the country. Public service employees are given paid leave once in a few years to enjoy a vacation in any part of the world, to take rest!
Though everyone in the country owns a car, a popular mode of public transport is the river taxi (boats)!