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8 Amazing Parks in Wellington, New Zealand

Awesome natural views of parks and gardens invite you to Wellington, New Zealand.
Meenakshi Sutar
1. Wellington’s Central Park
Give your eyes a pleasant view of picturesque gardens, green lawns, natural woodland, and local bush.
Deciduous trees, pines, eucalyptus trees, and plenty of native species in this central park will captivate you.
2. The Botanic Garden
The Wellington Botanic Garden is loaded with beautiful multi-colored flowers, trees, and native plant life from New Zealand.
The Botanic Garden also boasts having the oldest gnarled hīnau tree that is over 200 years old. Other trees adorning the garden are from the 19th century.
Other fascinating attractions of Botanic Garden include Peace Garden, the Begonia House, the Lady Norwood Rose Garden, and the Carter Observatory.
3. Truby King Park
Visit this historic park that was created by Sir Frederic Truby King through his gardening interest. King Park boasts having a vast collection of plants and flowers that rejuvenate your mood.
4. Mount Victoria
Enjoy strolling and cycling through the scenic tracks on Mount Victoria surrounded by greenery and pine trees.
5. Staglands Wildlife Reserve
If you are an animal lover Staglands Wildlife Reserve is a must-visit destination for you. The reserve is loaded with a variety of exotic and native birds and animals.
Beautiful greenery and rich wildlife make this reserve a perfect picnic spot for families and friends.
6. Otari-Wilton’s Bush
Visit this public garden that is wholly dedicated to the native plant life of New Zealand. It is considered the Garden of International Significance due to a rich collection of historic trees and forests.
7. George Denton Park and Polhill Reserve
Beautiful hiking and cycling tracks, a flowing stream, grassed fields, and a playground make the George Denton Park and Polhill Reserve a favorite picnic spot for nature lovers.
8. Stellin Memorial Park
Stellin Memorial Park was built in the memory of World War II airman James Stellin. This park boasts a steep, grassed sidewalk.
Nature has its own way to heal and revive your mental health. Visiting parks and gardens with colorful and pleasant views will recharge you for sure.