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Amazing Things About Chennai, India

Chennai, situated on the Bay of Bengal is the capital of Tamil Nadu. It is home to gorgeous sightseeing places, imprints of the British Raj and beautiful temples and beaches.
It is the first city of Modern India and a bustling metropolis with interesting facts.
1. Chennai was earlier called as Madras and the Government of Tamil Nadu renamed it in the year 1996.
The reason for the change was, Madras was a colonial era name, while Chennai is derived from Indian scriptures.
2. Chennai is the only city in South-East Asia and India, to feature in the '52 PLACES TO VISIT AROUND THE WORLD', by New York Times.
Chennai is a city of firsts. Let's take a look.
3. Chennai is the city having the first ever British settlement.
4. Chennai is the first ever city  to enact the Conditional Access System for Cable television in India.
5. It is also the first Indian city to implement widespread WiFi throughout.
6. Chennai also established the first ever European style banking system in India with the inception of Madras Bank on 21st June 1683.
Chennai Beach and Port
7. Chennai is home to the most beautiful and the longest beach in India, Marina beach.
  • It is an extremely famous beach in India.
  • It is named after the Italian word 'Marina', coined by the then Governor General of India.
8. Formerly called as the 'Madras Port', it is the second largest container port of India. It is the largest in the Bay of Bengal.
Chennai City Facts
9. Chennai is the 4th largest city in India. It is also an important commercial center of South India.
10. It is also an important Metropolitan center and connected to all the major cities of India.
Commercial Viability and Trade
11. Chennai is famously called as the 'Detroit of India'.
It is a very thriving automobile industry and 40% of auto parts of India are made in Chennai.
12. The Tidel Park is one of the largest IT parks in Asia, based in Chennai.
It has the head-offices of top IT companies.
13. Chennai is the second leading exporter of IT technology and Business Process Outsourcing (BPO) in India.
14. Chennai is also home to foreign banks such as Bank of America, Bank of Tokyo Mitsubishi, Citibank, Export Credit Corporation of India and Standard Chartered Bank.
Culture, Food and Arts
15. An extremely renowned and classical style of Indian dance, Bharatanatyam originated in Chennai.
16. Chennai is home to some of the most beautiful temples in India, with intricate design and Dravidian architecture.
17. The Tamilians are extremely fond of films especially Tollywood and most of the theaters run to packed houses on the first day first show!
South Indians and their love for Coffee!
18. Since the 90's, coffee is popular in Chennai and especially in specific areas such as Alwarpet, Royapettah and Mylapore. 
The famous South Indian filter coffee is a must have!
19.  The authentic South Indian Thali IS A MUST TRY!
Facts at Glance
  • The Cancer Institute is one of the oldest institute in Chennai and in Asia.
  • The Chennai Mofusil Bus Terminus is one of the leading terminus in Asia.
  • Pongal (harvest festival) is the most celebrated festival in Chennai.
  • Chennai silk is very famous and known for its quality.
Vannakaam (Welcome in Tamil) to my Land!

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