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Amazing Things to Do in Santiago, Chile

A country of extreme geographical landscapes you will surely channel your inner wanderlust bug!
Chaitrali Datar May 22, 2020
Nestled in the Andes Mountains is the vibrant city of Santiago. A city of tall skyscrapers, historic buildings, scenic wonders, gastronomic delicacies, it will keep you asking for more!
Things to Do in Santiago

- City tours
- Sightseeing (museums, monuments)
- Outdoor activities
- Exploring the food culture 
- Shopping
City Tours
You can start exploring by taking the Santiago city Walking tour. You will witness the main landmarks of the city along with the history of the city.
The important landmarks you can witness are the colonial buildings, the observation deck at Santa Lucia Hill.
Santiago is home to some beautiful museums and definitely should be on the list. The Museum of Memory and Human Rights speaks the History (military) of Santiago.
The other prominent ones to visit is in the Quinta National Park, which has a variety of museums, from Railway, Science and Technology and Natural History Museum.
See the scintillating views of the Santiago city at one of the highest place in Latin America. It offers a 360 degree view along with the backdrop of the Andes Mountains. Where... ?
The Sky Costanera. (1000 feet tall).
Best viewed during Sunset.
Outdoor Activities
You can go skiing and snowboarding at Valle Nevado (90m from Santiago. Definitely a picturesque spot to visit. In summers you can go biking, hiking, horseback riding.
Santiago City
Visit the Cerro Santa Lucia Park, perfect on a sunny day, to spend time with your family.
At Rio Maipo, (15 miles from city), there is a massive gorge Cajon del Maipo for various outdoor activities.
You can go trekking, camping, hiking, rafting, cycling at Cajon as well as visit the winery  nearby.
Visit the coastal city of Valparaiso (90 min from Santiago). Quaint multi-colored houses, thriving art and music scene, you can book a full day city tour.
Food and Drink
Chile is renowned for its world famous wines. Santiago has Maipo Valley one of the famous wine producing regions.
You can take a full-day tour of the same, exploring the beautiful vineyards.
Mercado Central (well-known local  fresh fish market) is a must visit. A bustling area, it has many restaurants offering delicious sea-food.
Visit Emporio Zunino
It is Chile's oldest pastry making factory (1930) and one of Santiago's most sought after place for foodies. Try the Empanada here!
What is an Empanada?
It is a pastry snack of meat, vegetables and cheese and is extremely popular in South America.
Shopping in Santiago:
  • Pueblito Los Domenicos (arts and handicrafts)
  • Vinomo (Wine)
  • Galleria Drugstore (fashion and accessories)
  • Alto las Condes ( a high-end shopping mall)
Things to Do at a Glance:
  • Visit Barrio Bellavista for coffee shops, neighborhood exploration and street art.
  • Ride the funicular at Metropolitan Park.
  • Take a city cycle tour every Sunday.
  • Explore the La Moneda Palace.
  • Explore Plaza de Armas. (a large open center)
Best time to visit Santiago is
from late September to March which marks the spring and fall seasons and perfect for tourism.