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Amazing Things You Need to Know About Djibouti, Africa

Richa Singh Jun 18, 2020
Djibouti is a small multi-ethnic country in East Africa that is bordered by Somalia, Ethiopia, Eritrean, the Red Sea, and the Gulf of Aden. It is a land of desert, scattered plateaus, and highlands.
Located in Horn of Africa, Djibouti has a population of only 9.8 lakhs and is one of the smallest countries in Africa.
A former French colony—known then by the name of French Somaliland and the French territory of the Afars and Issas—Djoubti adopted its current name after its independence on 27th June, 1977.
Djibouti is pronounced as "ji-boo-ti"—with an emphasis on second syllable.
The country is among the hottest inhabited places in the world, with tropical desert and semi-desert climatic condition.
The country has the smallest elevation point in the entire Africa. The salt lake here is 155 meters below the sea level—third lowest on earth. The salt lake is also the second most saline lake in the world.
Gulf of Tadjourah, sorrounded by Djbouti, is home to many juvenile whale sharks. This gives a not-so-easy-to-get opportunity to swim with these sharks and click their pictures.
Guess what's the capital city of Djibouti! It's Djibouti!
So, if you happen to visit the country do not miss a chance to visit Djibouti, Djibouti.
Unlike the general belief, considering its bordering countries like Somalia, Djbouti is quite a peaceful place to visit.
Although a small country, the place doesn't have any dirth of options for fun—hiking, exploring its out-of-the-world landscapes, watersports, and windsurfing are just some of the examples.
Djibouti offers a wide range of cuisines: from French and European to Yemeni and Ethiopian.
Taxi fares get hiked by a whopping 50% after sunset—a must-know information for all who would be visiting the place anytime in the future.
Djibouti is host to a US military base—the only US military base in Africa.