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Amazing Trivia About the Bahamas!

Its more than just an island country!
Chaitrali Datar Jul 2, 2020
A tropical hotpot, the island of the Bahamas is a famous beach tourist destination, where you will literally be in nature's heaven!
Well-known for its turquoise beaches it is home to 700 islands!
However Bahamas is more than just the sea and sand! There are a great many things this island country is known for! Lets take a look....
It is one of the two countries in the world which OFFICIALLY starts with 'THE'.
The second one is 'The Gambia'.
In the early 1600's and 1700's it was a haven for pirates.
Bahamas is known for its shallow waters, which gave a perfect gateway for notorious pirates to loot the merchant ships.
In fact the word, Bahamas comes from the SPANISH word,'baja mar', meaning shallow water or sea.
The first people which inhabited this region were called as the Tainos.
The Bahamas is said to be the first island where Christopher Columbus officially made his first landing.
  • Columbus discovered the new world beginning from Salvador, Samana Cay and the Bahamas.
Big Major Cay or Pig Beach in Bahamas is renowned for the pig population.
The Swimming pig beach is easily accessible from the boat and is located at half an hour from the Staniel Cay Airport!
Tourists can feed the pigs and this is a very popular activity among the visitors.
The Bahamas have its own national symbols.
The Yellow Elder is the National Flower of The Bahamas.
The Flamingo is the National Bird of The Bahamas.
The Blue Marlin is the National Fish of the Bahamas.
Do you know Bahamas has a pink island beach?
It is called as the Pink Sands Beach, which is located on Harbor Island.
The formation of the Pink sand comes from the Foraminifera, a small microscopic marine animal with a bright pink shell.
Versailles Gardens on Paradise Island is the most popular place to get married in the Bahamas!
Speed Boating in the Bahamas!
The island is your gateway to top sports activities!
Snorkeling and Scuba Diving are the two most popular activities after boating.
The island has been featured in several James Bond movies, most notably, Thunderball and Never Say Never Again.
Bahamas is home to beautiful and iconic lighthouses. Most notable is the Elbow Reef Lighthouse with 101 steps.
It has the world's largest aquarium, Atlantis Paradise.
It has 14 lagoons, 8 million gallons of water and 50,000 aquatic animals from 250 species!!!
Something more about the Bahamas
junkanoo is the annual festival of the Bahamas. It is a big Caribbean party with music, costumes and amazing food!
The Bahamas is the sixth most expensive country in the world.
The Bahamas has to its credit 14 Olympic gold medals. All of them were in Athletics and Sailing.
What to buy in the Bahamas
  • Conch Shells and products.
  • Sea and Water Color paintings, wood carvings.
  • Craft Beer
  • Straw Goods
  • Coconut Sculptures
Best Season to visit the Bahamas
is from mid-December to mid-April.