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Arid Air - Outback Scenic Flights & Tours

Take a break from the hustle and bustle of the city. Experience the vast terrain of the outback with our guided tours here at Arid Air. Contact us today.
Arid Air May 7, 2020
The Outback — if you are looking for an adventure that is truly quintessentially Australian, this vast expanse of salt lakes, scorched red deserts, magnificent ancient ranges & gorges, along with its unique natural inland channel country, it is jaw-dropping scenery that must be seen from the air to appreciate.
Feast your eyes on its iconic towns, sacred sites, breathtaking landscapes, and countless geological marvels. The outback that spans several million square kilometres over inland Australia, with most areas not accessible by road but given the right weather conditions and of course, the right pilot/guide, you can experience this remoteness.
The Ultimate Outback Experience
Exploring the great Outback with your own pilot in a high wing plane, with great knowledge of the lay of the land. Our pilots will not only show you areas often not accessible by any other means but will also provide you with great commentary along the way so you can truly appreciate the outback and gain an understanding of the vast remoteness.
At Arid Air, we offer customised flights and ground tours to give you the ultimate outback experience. We have a team of experienced pilots who are passionate and dedicated to ensuring that the traveller who avail our services get the experience of a lifetime.
We pride ourselves on giving you, dear traveller, a personalised trip from the initial booking right through to when you land.
Port Augusta: Gateway to the Outback
The great cross-roads at the head of Spencer Gulf is the traveller’s gateway to the Outback hence Port Augusta is the best place to start your outback tour.
From north to south, east to west, there are many areas to see when you depart from Port Augusta. From the Flinders Ranges, Wilpena Pound, many gorges to our expansive salt lakes and our ancient landscape. Coober Pedy is another spectacular remote area with its underground living and history.
Arid Air is here to ensure that your experience from Port Augusta is not only memorable, but hassle-free as well. We will take you on a bucket list tour.
Birdsville: Diamantina’s Hidden Gem
Everywhere you turn, there’s always something magnificent when you visit Birdsville. This gorgeous landscape of Outback Queensland is renowned for its impressive hues - it comes alive with colors at different times of the day. A sight you truly cannot captivate with just a camera. Experience it with your own eyes!
Birdsville is in the heart of the most spectacular natural water system. When you fly over the Channel Country and see the Goyder Lagoon in its wholeness, it’s hard not to feel overwhelmed by the sight of it.
You can also choose to see many other unique areas from the Coongie Lakes, Warburton Inlet, Lake Eyre, Big Red, Diamantina and the Simpson Desert. Continue on further to Innamincka and include a stop off at the Dig Tree and learn about the fate of Burke & Wills.
Later back in Birdsville, enjoy a town tour & sunset tour to Big Red where the sunset truly gives it a scenic and unforgettable touch before enjoying the iconic Birdsville Hotel to cap it all off.
A Fresh Perspective
Only a small portion of this vast outback can be experienced from the ground. Arid Air takes you on combined air & ground tours so you can get the most out of your outback adventure in some of the most remote areas and towns. We believe that a wholesome experience is one that’s experienced from the air. With stops along the way.
Our Chief Pilot is a seasoned professional. He oversees our team of pilots who are also experienced in their own right, their extensive knowledge of the vast outback region is truly impressive. You will gain a true understanding of this vast outback by listening to their commentaries along the way.
Our goal here at Arid Air is to offer you a service that’s more than just a tour. We value your happiness and satisfaction, that’s why we always find ways to go beyond by personalising every experience with us.
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