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Attractions in Pecs, Hungary that Make it Worth Visiting

Plan a visit to Pecs when in Hungary, and you will be surely mesmerized.
Maya Pillai
Pécs is 2000 years old and the fifth largest city of Hungary. It is popular among people who have interest in history and culture.
Pecs lies equidistant from Drava to the south and Danube to the east and is surrounded by the Mecsek Hills. The best time to visit Pecs is in summer.
The city was ruled by both Romans and Turks. Pecs is known for its Zsolnay ceramics, Turkish and Roman ruins as well as for the Mediterranean feel.
Pécs Cathedral
The Cathedral is called St Peter and St Paul Basilica. It has four 60m towers, designed in Roman architecture. The construction began in late 11th century and was open to public in 12th century.
In 16th century when the city was under the rule of Turks, it was converted into a mosque. Later it was again claimed as the church.
Mosque of Pasha Qasim
A 16th century mosque that marks the rule of Turks, it is an impressive building designed by Pasha Gazi Qasim. Since late 19th century, it has been used as a Church. This monument incorporates the Ottoman design as well as the Christian architecture.
Early Christian Mausoleum
Early Christian Mausoleum in Sopianae has been listed in the category of culture-historical architecture under UNESCO World Heritage.
It is a 4th century Roman burial site. The twin graves in the burial site chambers intricately depict the murals of Adam and Eve, Prophet Daniel and the Tree of Life.
Gallery of Modern Hungarian Art
The art gallery hosts more than 12,000 pieces of art belonging to artists from 19th century to the artists of this day. Works of Béla Uitz, Ödön Márffy and Simon Hóllosy can be seen here.
Zsolnay Fountain
Popularly known as the symbol of Pecs, the fountain has four ox heads from where the drinkable water flows. The monument serves to commemorate Vilmos Zsolnay, the founder of Zsolnay ceramics.
The Kodály Centre for The Music Lovers

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The center is known to be one of the best music venues in Hungary. Kodaly was designed by Frenec Keller and Ferenc Cságoly. It was was opened to the public in 2010.  The center can host 3 events at a time.
Király Street for Shopping
A buzzling street in the heart of Pecs is a great place to shop and taste delicious traditional cuisine. The buildings here are in baroque style.
Bath of Pasha Memi - The oldest Turkish Bath
The Bath of Pasha Memi is one of the surviving Turkish baths. Here you can see the artifacts of the bygone era.
The trip to Pecs is not complete without visiting the Mecsek hills. Hiking and walking trails are in abundance here.