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Attractions Worth Visiting in Nuremberg, Germany

Maya Pillai
Nuremberg, a southern industrial city in Germany, is known for its great history, culture and culinary delights.
It's a charming and fairy tale like town with half-timbered houses showcasing traditional architecture.
Nuremberg is one of the most populous German cities that has something to offer everyone. If you are a foodie, you should not miss out on the world's oldest sausage restaurant among other attractions.
Old Town of Nuremberg
Interested in the medieval architecture and history of the city? Take a self-guided walking tour to enjoy the Bavarian-style houses and other places of interest.
Imperial Castle of Kaiserburg 
Kaiserburg held an important place in the Middle ages when it was under the rule of the Roman Empire. The Castle built during the medieval times stands on the sandstone cliffs.
Tourist flock to this Sinwell Tower of the castle to get panoramic view of the city.
Whisper a Prayer at St. Lorenz Church
A medieval church dedicated to Saint Lawrence, it was damaged during the World War II. It is one of the prominent churches and must visit churches in Nuremberg.
Plan a Day in Germanisches Nationalmuseum
The museum was founded in 1852 in Nuremberg. It has an extensive collection of art and handicrafts that are related to German culture and traditions from medieval times to the present day.
The beauty of this museum is that it has art and paintings that dates back to prehistoric times.
Nuremberg Trials Memorial
It opened to the public in 2010 and is located in Nuremberg's Palace of Justice. This is were the High Ranking Officials of the Nazi regimen were tried for their war crimes. The museum is open to public from Wednesday to Monday from 10 am to 6 pm.
Feast at the World's Oldest Sausage Restaurant
N├╝rnberger, the tiny roasted pork sausages can be found everywhere in the city. However, the best sausages are dished out by Zum Gulden Stern since 1419.
The handcrafted sausages are grilled over a beechwood fire and served six at a time. Saurkraut, potato salad and horseradish cream are served alongside.
Nazi Party Rally Grounds
Nuremberg was declared as the City of the Nazi Party Rallies by Adolf Hitler in 1933. The grounds of the building is open throughout the week with varied timings.
A Quick Trip to Weinstadel Wine Warehouse
A visit to the medieval wine warehouse is worthy of your time. The architecture boasts of half-timber frame with sandstone brick walls situated in a picturesque location.
German National Railways Museum
The Bavarian Ludwigsbahn that ran from Nuremberg to Furth was the first German train.
National Rail Museum was opened in 1899 and is the oldest attraction in Germany.
Shopping in Nuremberg
If you are in Nuremberg in November, you should visit the Nuremberg Xmas Market. It is one of the most visited Xmas fairs in Germany.
The fair is held in the Old Town of Nuremberg where you get to buy anything from baked goods to local meat to anything christmasy. The fair started in the 16th century and still continues with same zest.