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17 Awesome Facts About Lugano, Switzerland

Prabhakar Pillai Nov 03, 2020
Lugano is a charming city in southern Switzerland. It has its fair share of attractions. Read on to know some stellar facts about this happening tourist destination.
1. The city is home to the Universita Della Svizzera Italiana. The latter boasts of being the sole Swiss university to teach in Italian.
2. It boasts of being the largest city in the region of Ticino.
3. Lugano represents the whole of Switzerland in a nutshell. It is the only place in this country to provide that experience.
4. The city hosts umpteen music festivals. In 1956, the first Eurovision song competition took place here.
5. The city boasts of a stellar sporting heritage. It has quite a few successful clubs in various sports.
6. The happening place is famous for fossils. The local landmark Monte San Giorgio was designated a UNESCO World Heritage Site way back in 2003.
7. In spite of being located in a landlocked nation, the city boasts of some fabulous beaches. The ones in Lugano are regarded as the best in all of Switzerland. For your information, the city borders Lake Lugano.
8. The Swiss city is at a short distance from Milan, Italy. Visitors will find a strong Italian influence here.
9. The city is extremely old. The place has seen human habitation since the Stone Age.
10. Lugano is a top fashion shopping destination which caters to all kinds of tastes and budgets.
11. Lugano is next to only Zurich and Geneva in terms of economic importance in Switzerland.
12. The Swiss city has several nicknames including 'European Rio de Janeiro', 'Switzerland's Sun Room' and 'Monte Carlo of Switzerland'.
13. The city's name is believed to come from the word 'lucus' which is the Latin word for lake dweller.
14. The city is also known as the cultural center of Ticino. For your information, another city namely Bellinzona is the official capital of Ticino.
15. It has the distinction of being the city with the biggest Italian speaking community outside of Italy.
16. The city lacks clearly defined borders owing to historical and cultural reasons.
17. The city's climate is quite different from the typical cool Alpine climate of the country. Here, visitors will encounter plenty of sunshine, palms as well as subtropical flora.