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10 Beautiful Castles in England

The land of the royals beckons!
Dolly Gaur Nov 28, 2020
One of the most beautiful countries in Europe and the world, England boasts a rich and amazing history. Formerly known as Englaland or "the land of Angels", it truly seems to stand true to its name.
England is full of beautiful and majestic historical edifices, mainly palaces, fortresses, and castles. Let's take a tour of some of the most beautiful castles in England!
#1: Bodiam Castle, East Sussex
This is a beautiful 14th century moated castle that proudly sits near Robertsbridge in East Sussex.
Built in 1385 as the defense again French invasion, this incredible edifice is laden with imposing battlements, a moat, and a mighty portcullis.
#2: Windsor Castle, Berkshire
Located only 25 km away from central London, Windsor Castle is the formal residence of the British royal family.
With almost 1,000 years of rich history, this castle is full of beautiful gardens, art displays, and perfect ambience.
#3: Bamburgh Castle, Northumberland
Located on the northeastern seaboard of England, this medieval castle is a Grade I listed building that sits majestically atop a hillock.
Its grandeur can be gauged from its impressive rooms and mind-blowing surroundings.
#4: Leeds Castle, Kent
This magnificent castle stands on the lake islands formed by the River Kent. This medieval castle is one of the most popular tourist hangouts near Leeds.
The grounds of the castle have maze, a golf course, and the world's only dog-collar museum.
5. Lindisfarne Castle, Northumberland
This 16th century castle stands on Holy Island in Northumberland, and is accessible via a causeway during low tide.
Turned into a family home in 1901 by Sir Edwin Lutyens, it is one of the popular filming locations in England.
#6: Framlingham Castle, Suffolk
This 12th century castle in the market town of Framlingham is managed and maintained by English Heritage and one of the major tourist attractions in Suffolk.
It is situated on the bluff that overlooks the River Ore. Its grounds are great for a day picnic.
#7: Highclere Castle, Hampshire
This 17th century Victorian castle is among the best preserved ones in England.
It is surrounded by about 1,000 acres of parkland and boasts majestic staterooms, artwork, and an intricately adorned interior.
#8: Arundel Castle, West Sussex
Arundel Castle is a highly iconic castle built by Roger De Montgomery in 1067 on the day of Christmas.
It is a renovated medieval castle that was constructed to govern the strategic sector of Sussex Coast. The castle gardens are a great sight to behold!
#9: Dover Castle, Kent
Arguably the largest castle in England, Dover Castle is often referred to as the "Key of England" because of its historical defensive significance.
Boasting several beautiful churches & chapels, and picturesque grounds, it is one of the popular filming locations as well.
#10: Alnwick Castle, Northumberland
This Grade I listed structure is actually also the country house and the seat of the 12th Duke of Northumberland.
It is one of those sites in England, which receive maximum number of visitors each year. The adjacent Alnwick Garden is also a major attraction.