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Beautiful Castles to See in Switzerland

Switzerland also grabs attention with its castles among its boastful picturesque nature site.
Vinita Tahalramani

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Let's land to the huge castles today!
The symbol of rich heritage illuminates the city's pride; castle takes you back to what it was like to live in that then city.

1. Spiez Castle

The castle is surrounded by the Swiss Alps and sits on the hill near lake Thun; the castle holds interior décor from different periods. It has restaurants down the hill to relish swiss food.

2. Castelgrande

The castle has preserved its history by converting it into a museum. Torre Bianca, a tower, a then prison, is now the place to experience the spectacular countryside views.

3. Vufflens Castle

The castle is not open to visitors, though its surroundings are a famous venue for weddings and events. It has a big hall and a kitchen too.

4. Rapperswil Castle

Ahh! The location is too perfect to visit near lake Zurich. The castle houses several museums. A must-visit for architecture lover!
This UNESCO World Heritage Site is now a museum to various artifacts. It has a large central tower, a fortified courtyard, and a surrounding wall with battlements and towers.

5. Castello di Montebello

A photogenic place to be! Houses a vine and wine museum showcasing the wine culture of the area. It hosts varied events all around the year, from wine tasting to concerts.

6. Aigle Castle

Postcard perfect

7. Oberhofen Castle

The architecture of the castle is a mix of medieval, gothic and renaissance. It has undergone several renovations, and all for good. Apart from the structure, the gardens surrounding the castle are major tourist attractions.

8. Chateau de Chillon

An island castle it is!
The castle ranks among the best-preserved medieval European Castles.
Did You Know?
Chateau de Chillon sits on the shores of Lake Geneva. It is a popular tourist spot for people visiting Switzerland. Also famous for hiking and picnicking.

9. Munot Festung

A Schaffhausen landmark!
The fortress is a circular architecture. The panoramic view from the top is a not-to-miss space.

10. Champvent Castle

The castle is in a beautiful location in western Switzerland. The castle showcases frescoes from the 16th century.

11. Aarburg

The wooden bridge that spans the Aare River in Aarburg is one of the oldest bridges in Switzerland and still stands strong. The place has an old town charm!

12. Thun Castle

The majestic white towers show the castle's royal strength. Sitting proudly on a hill, the topmost space of the castle does not fail in the beautiful views.
Do capture your imagination through these castles during your visit to this city of beauty.