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12 Beautiful Islands of Japan

Did you know that Japan consists of more than 6000 stunning islands?
Sreedevi Nair
Japan is more than timeless cultures and ultra-modern lifestyle.
This fascinating destination is known for its cherry blossoms, tech-savvy cities,  temples and amazing food scene.
But when you look beyond the main cities of Japan, you discover a world of magnificent islands.
Japan’s outdoors are excellent to enjoy sublime splendors of nature and the islands of Japan offer some of the most unspoilt natural sceneries to experience.
Here are 12 beautiful islands in Japan you ought to include in your Japan travel checklist.
The largest and easily accessible island in Japan, Okinawa offers laid-back tropical beaches and an insight into the rustic influence of the Ryukyu Kingdom in Japanese culture.
A stunning island sheathed in the tropical wilderness, pristine beach shores, and untamed jagged cliffs dotted with serene waterfalls, Iriomote is an idyllic place for slow-paced relaxation away from real-life scenarios.
A charming island from the cluster of Izu Islands, Kozushima lies close to Tokyo and is an idyllic getaway for camping and hiking expeditions.
A petite island located north of Okinawa Island, Yoron is a beach lover's paradise surrounded by pristine white sands and cerulean waters.
Another beautiful island in the Izu Islands, Oshima consists of a volcanic mountain that offers a series of hot springs to enjoy on the island.

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The island is also popular for its clear waters teeming with marine life ideal for snorkeling experiences.
A breath-taking island to explore, this island’s main highlights are the Enoshima Shrine and Samuel Cocking Garden from where you can view stellar panoramas of Mount Fiji and Yokohama.
A cluster of islands set away from Tokyo’s coastline, these islands are amazing spots for whale and dolphin watching. You can enjoy some deep-sea diving and swimming adventures.
Nicknamed as Japan’s Art Island, Naoshima allures art lovers from around the globe to witness the creativity at its impressive art galleries and exhibitions. A whooping 8,00,000 art-enthusiasts visit this incredible island in a year.
Famous for its giant torii gate jutting out of the sea, Itsukushima is a popular Japanese Island to visit and is an hour away from Hiroshima.
A picture-postcard perfect island, Miyako is blessed with excellent tropical climate, colorful coral reefs and aquatic life making it one of the best islands in Japan to enjoy a variety of watersports.
Blanketed in moss-green foliage and giant cedar trees, Yakushima is a brilliant spot for nature lovers to reconnect with unparalleled natural beauty.
One of the most unique and unusual islands of Japan, Aoshima is known as the 'Cat Island' simply because the ratio of the population of cats exceeds that of the human population at this island.

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Aoshima is dominated by these furry felines and is a must-visit for any cat-loving traveler visiting Japan.