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Beautiful Lakes in Detroit, Michigan

Sumana Nag
Detroit is located on the bank of Detroit River in southeastern Michigan state. The city is surrounded by some of the most beautiful lakes in the world so it is popularly called the Great Lakes State.
It is the fifth-largest freshwater lake in the world and second-largest of the Great Lakes in North America. The lake is located between the eastern shore of Michigan and Ontario, Canada in the north.
Lake Huron
The lake was originally known as La Mer Douce and has the longest shoreline among the great lakes. The shoreline of the Lower Peninsula of the lake is named the "Sunrise Side" for its gorgeous sunrises that can be seen over the water.
It is a popular tourist spot for its several recreational spots in Michigan's eastern Great Lake regions, beautiful lighthouses in Alpena, and underwater historic sites.
The lake has been named after a country located in the Michigan state called Orchard. As there are many apple trees present in the area, the island is popularly known as Apple Island.
Orchard Lake
The Lake area of Oakland County is surrounded by lakes in every direction, making the property value of this place very high. The lake community has been preserving its history by maintaining heritage buildings and museums.
The most vital attraction of this place is the St. Mary’s Polish County Fair. Several tourists visit the fair every year for prayer in the church and to enjoy carnival rides, live musical performances, shopping, and food.
It is the largest lake in southeastern Michigan. The 1280 acres lake connects four cities- Orchard Lake, West Bloomfield, Keego Harbor, and Waterford Township.
Cass Lake
People generally visit this lake for swimming, boating, canoeing in the summertime. While in the winter, they go for ice skating, ice sailing, snowmobiling and, cross country skiing.
The lake is about 30 miles away from Detroit and is a popular fishing spot. In fact, there are several beautiful resorts in the area where people stay either for fishing or camping purposes.
It is a freshwater lake named after Saint Clare of Assisi by French Catholic explorers in 1679. People often prefer to call it the sixth Great Lake.
Lake St. Clair
The lake is situated between the Ontario province and the U.S. state of Michigan.  Although the size of the lake is relatively small, this 130 miles of shoreline  area is a haven for people who love boating, swimming, and fishing.
Saint Clair National Wildlife Area is located 19 km west of Chatham, Ontario. This marshy land hosts a wetland habitat for 20 endangered, threatened species like marsh birds, mammals, fish, insects, reptiles and, plants.
This lake is situated within the Village of Lake Orion and Orion Township. It is the eighth largest lake in this region.
Lake Orion
Although the town offers ample spots for tourists to hiking, walking and, other outdoor activities, Olde World Canterbury Village is the most popular and historical location in Michigan.
It is the fourth-largest lake among the five Great Lakes of North America. Nearly 12 million people live in this watershed which is one-third of the total population of the Great Lakes basin.
Lake Erie
With the rise of concern about the water quality of the Great Lakes around the 1960s, Lake Erie began to be considered as a dying lake. However, after overcoming those issues it has now become the largest commercial fishery.
The Lake being warmest, shallowest of all the Great Lakes, has three specific basins that foster different types of habitats. The wetland is a perfect habitat for fish and waterfowl.
This 1,200-acre reservoir lake has been build by damming the Huron River. It is located in Oakland County and can be accessed from Kensington Metropark.
Kent Lake
As the lake is 40 minutes from Detroit by car, people often visit the shores of Kent Lake for relaxation. The place ideal for a picnic, hiking, and boating activity.
It is located between Green Oak Township in Livingston County and Northfield Township in Washtenaw County.
Whitmore Lake
It is an ideal spot for people who loves hiking and fishing as the lake is near Ann Arbor which has a quiet and peaceful ambiance to it.
Detroit city has several tourist attraction spots like theaters, gardens, parks, and, museums.  However, to escape the din and bustle of the city life the lake areas offer the perfect ambiance.