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Beautiful Parks and Gardens to Visit in Washington DC

Harshada Kekare Nov 06, 2020
When we hear about Washington DC, the only ideas that flash in your mind are politics, museums, and monuments.
Washington DC is also gifted with beautiful Gardens & Parks that will set your mood and refresh your boring day. Here is the list of the nature gifted Gardens & Parks in Washington DC.
1. Rock Creek Park
It's the whole Park located in the heart of Washington D.C. You may be lucky to see the white-tailed deer, red foxes or even coyote while exploring its grounds.
2. Franciscan Monastery
Situated on a verdant hillside in Northeast Washington, you will see cathedral-like building with a lovely enclosed garden in the front.
3. U.S. Botanic Garden
The Garden has been recognized as a museum. It's a living plant museum which explains the importance of the nature and plants in the earth's fragile ecosystems.
4. Theodore Roosevelt Island Park
Located in the Potomac River, the park trail is primarily used for walking and running. The park provides the perfect setting to escape from the crowd of the city.
5. National Arboretum
Located in northeast Washington, DC. You will be lucky to see 446 acres of trees, shrubs, and plants. The plant collection includes cherries, ferns and wildflowers.
6. Brookside Gardens
It was designed in 1969 to provide for public education in horticulture and gardening. You will find the best tulip collection in the Washington area.
7. Dumbarton Oaks Park
Located in the Georgetown section of Washington, DC. The Park is conceived as a series of paths and meadows organized around tributary of Rock Creek.
8. Enid A. Haupt Garden
It's the lovely green space behind the Smithsonian Castle, it is actually a rooftop garden. The garden features a changing palette of colors, shapes and textures.
9. Bishop's Garden
The gardens were designed by Frederick Law Olmsted, Jr. The gardens and grounds are always open and free but there is an admission fee to enter the cathedral.
10. White House Gardens
This garden is gifted with a variety of trees, shrubs and flowers. Do not miss to take a White House garden tour which includes tour of Jacqueline Kennedy Garden and Rose Garden.
11. National Arboretum Herb Garden
It has an amazing collection of plants and is the home of the National Herb Garden. This place is perfect if you are interested in learning more about herbs.
12. Hillwood Museum & Gardens
It's set upon 25 acres of gardens and surrounding woodlands in northwest Washington, DC. One of the premier art collector's museums in the United States.