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15 Beautiful Temples & Shrines to Visit in Japan

Harshada Kekare
Japan follows Buddhist culture, hence temples are an integral part of Japan's landscape. Shinto and Buddhist's culture are crucial part of Japanese culture.
Japan's best known temple, located in northwest Kyoto. This is a three-story building made of wood. Kinkakuji was established in 1397 by Ashikaga Yoshimitsu.
1. Kinkakuji
It's one of the Shinto shrines in Japan, with the vast land of the forest. Located in the Shibuya district of Tokyo, this place is gifted with large amount of lush greenery.
2. Meiji Jingu Shrine
The most famous and photographed of Tokyo's temples, it's a place of outstanding historic and cultural significance. Each building here is a masterpiece of Japanese architecture.
3. Senso-ji Temple
One of Japan's most historic and famous temples and Nara's landmark. It's a designated UNESCO World Heritage site where you will witness the dynamic atmosphere of a Japanese history.
4. Todaiji
It's one of Kyoto's top attractions. It's the main shrine dedicated to the Shinto god Inari. The shrine is the headquarters of more than 30,000 inari shrines across Japan.
5. Fushimi Inari Shrine
One of Tokyo's best-kept secrets. Located in the center of a gorgeous Japanese garden, it's a beautiful shrine with a rich history and a distinct atmosphere.
6. Nezu Shrine
Situated in the eastern Higashiyama area, one of the most famous and celebrated temples. It is one of Kyoto’s most popular tourist attractions.
7. Kiyomizu-dera
Its carved and brilliantly decorated structures are part of the shrines. It has elements of both Shinto and Buddhist religions. It's the first shrine dedicated to Tokugawa Ieyasu.
8. Toshogu Shrine
Also called Rengeo-in, located in eastern Kyoto and was rebuilt in 1266, it is a hub of historical buildings, including Kiyomizudera, Ginkakuji, and Yasakajinja.
9. Sanjusangen-do
Also known as Hasedera Kannon, second oldest temple in the city. Temple is constructed on the mountainside with views of both the ocean and city.
10. Hasedera Temple
A UNESCO World Heritage Site located in southeastern Kyoto. This is the best place to enjoy the most gorgeous cherry blossom-viewing parties.
11. Daigo-ji Temple
The shrine is famous for Sanno Matsuri Festival and was founded in 1141. The place is shaded by tall trees that seem to dwarf it. Also famous for marionettes used in the festivities.
12. Hida-Sannogu Shrine
Built at the end of the 9th century in the year 888. The place has also been registered as a World Heritage site, famous for its cherry blossoms and served as a residence for the Heian nobility.
13. Ninna-ji Temple
Located in the former town of Matsushiro, Japan, this is a temple filled with more than 1200 years of history. This place is gifted with blossoms overflowing throughout the four seasons.
14. Chokoku-ji Temple
It's the main temple of the Jodo-shu Seizan-Zenrinji school. The place is colored by the autumn leaves giving it an ethereal touch.
15. Eikan-do