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Best Attractions and Things to Do in Jerash

Megha Dahake Nov 02, 2020
The Arch of Hadrian is a prehistoric Roman erection in Jerash, Jordan. It spots the ingress to the town and was constructed to honor Emperor Hadrian's visit at Jerash in 129 AD.
Hadrian's Arch
The Nynphaeum was a spring earmarked to the nymphs, which owes stunning beautifications with marble and plaster and a half-dome.
The nymphaeum functioned as a nature reserve, a basin, and a gathering space where marriages took place.
Jerash Cathedral, is a Church of St. Maryin, Jordan, which is counted nowadays in relics. It was erected on the spot at which the Roman temple stood earlier. At the pinnacle, there is a shrine devoted to Saint Mary.
Jerash Cathedral
Constructed around AD 165 and expanded in 235, the little North Theater was mostly utilized for government assemblies apart from public summits, prodigious occasions and drama performances.
North Theater
Jerash is a wonderful assortment of Greco-Roman and Oriental inspirations. At the museum, you can venerate rose bowls, crystal items, statuettes and medleys.
Jerash Archaeological Museum
An earthquake demolished major part of the town in 749, but the relics were sited in 1806 by German traveler Ulrich Jasper Seetzen.
Roman Ruins of Jerash
It is Jordan's biggest and most fascinating Roman locate and a chief tourist attraction.
The Temple of Artemis at Gerasa is a Roman shrine in Jerash, Jordan. It is devoted to Artemis, the deity of hunting and fruitfulness and also daughter of Zeus and Leto.
Temple of Artemis
The Jerash Festival for Culture and Arts is a yearly affair enfolded in Jerash, Jordan. If you get a chance to be in Jerash in July or August, grabbing a play at the Roman theaters is a must!
Jerash Festival of Culture & Arts
Dubbed as ‘Umm Khalil’, this amazing restaurant has been a nationwide paragon since it began in 1977.
Lebanese House
Jerash doesn’t disappoint you when it comes to a bizarre soup, delicious mushrooms, delicious salad and lovely kebabs.
The South Theater was constructed in the middle of 90 -92 AD and is a two-storey assembly.
South Theater
The theater sparkles in the course of the Jerash Festival of Culture & Arts, when it exhibits itself as a site worth watching.