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Best Attractions to See in Alesund, Norway

From this site, there is a picturesque sight of the chain of islands, the attractive city center, and the incredible Sunnmøre Alps. To satiate your appetite, there is a lovely café on the top.
Aksla Viewpoint
Amongst several other aquariums in Norway, this one has the best landscape and wide range of animals to see. Some of the types of fishes found here are cod, halibut, conger and salmon.
Atlantic Sea Park
Alnes Lighthouse rests at the islet of Godøy. The lighthouse from 1876 is secured, and a vestige of Norwegian seaside culture. The striking visions of the marine and shoreline is sheer means of joy.
Alnes Lighthouse
Aalesunds Museum is an amusing and edifying site which provides an insight into the past of Ålesund. There are displays of the great town fire in 1904, fisheries, boats, and spectacles from World War II.
Aalesunds Museum
Above 5 lakh birds visit Runde Island for the nesting period. About 80 classes have evidenced nesting here, and more than 230 species have been detected entirely.
Runde Island Birdlife
Runde is also identified as The Treasure Island, due to the gold that has been traced in the ruin of the Dutch ship "Akerendam" from 1725.
Sunnmøre Museum is a lovely outdoor museum with 55 hoary and distinctive homes and forty ships from the 11th to the 16th century. It also portrays the past and culture of the country.
Sunnmore Musuem
Dubbed as the the World’s Best Cake, "Kvæfjordkake" is made out of meringue and vanilla cream. You can grab your piece at numerous cafes in downtown Alesund.
Ålesund has a remarkable scenery through numerous islets extending over  the sea, and is located at the ingress of the World Heritage listed Geirangerfjord.
Sailing Trip in Ålesund
Cruise of all extents can be enjoyed at the cruise terminal. There is an old-fashioned woody yacht devised by Chris Jensen in 1929 that can be spotted here.
Ålesund Port
Jugendstilsenteret is situated in the old Swan Pharmacy from 1907 and is both a museum and a national centre of Art Nouveau.
Art Nouveau

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