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Best Beach Umbrellas

Rutuja Jathar Jul 25, 2020
Some great advice to pick your perfect companion for beach outings - a good beach umbrella.

What makes an ideal beach umbrella?

  • Fade resistance
  • Easy installation and portability
  • Ultraviolet Protection Factor (UPF)
  • Quick drying time
  • Wind resistance
  • Good fabric construction

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A beach umbrella is a quintessential part of any outing by the waves. It is your safe haven when the sun gets too bright and the cool breeze turns into a windy affair.
Whether you wish this haven to be spacious enough for you and your romantic date, or you want a group of friends to accommodate under one canopy, there are various shapes, sizes and styles in the market that will cater to the different needs you have for different kind of outings.
Another point to note is that you don't always need a beach umbrella 'only' when you're going to the beach. Yes, they can prove to be quite handy even during backyard parties, outdoor business events, and more. So, you see, a beach umbrella is more than just a beach umbrella!
Most of the buyers end up opting for the inexpensive picks. Not that the best is always the most expensive, or that the cheap picks aren't good enough; but while making a choice, it is essential to determine how much and where would you be using this purchase.
For instance, if you are the kind who goes to the beach once or twice during summers, you needn't invest a lot on an high-end sturdy umbrella. However, if surfing, sunbathing, and making sand castles takes most of your family's time, then you need to go for something that is durable enough.

The Best Beach Umbrellas Available in the Market

The umbrella industry has various reputed brands that cater to the need of their buyers. In fact, many manufacturers have come up with some innovative techniques and designs to turn a regular beach umbrella into a small tent or hut. Not only in terms of the design, there is also a neck-to-neck competition when it comes to the quality of the said product. 
For instance, we all know that for a good sunlight protection, the UPF of the beach umbrella should be 30 or more. And in this regards, the Suntiva's 100+ UPF Heavy Duty Beach Umbrella with Tilt-Fiberglass Ribs is the choice, giving you possibly one of the highest UPF in the category. Here are some popular picks of different shapes of beach umbrellas:


The list begins with perhaps one of the most popular brands when it comes to sun protection and shelters. This beach umbrella, named after the brand itself, is sought by many for its added side flaps that enable an extra protection from the sunrays.
When opened, it is 8 ft wide. It has an excellent UPF of 50+ and claims to protect from more than 99.5% of UVA and UVB rays. It has excellent air ventilation and is also wind and water resistant. Light and easy to carry, the Sport-Brella comes in the colors red and blue.
Note: The brand has also come up with an enlarged variant of this product, known as the Sport-brella XL, that opens to 9 ft wide. Another outdoor umbrella called the Versa-Brella comes with a 360-degree-swivel feature, to make it easy for one to adjust the umbrella as per the direction of the sun. This makes it another great pick.

Coolibar 6' Titanium Beach Umbrella

This is a great choice if you are looking for an umbrella that can stand firm in a windy weather. It comes in a pleasant silver color that efficiently reflects the UV rays. On the inside, it is green in color which helps absorb these harmful rays, giving the product an overall UPF rating of 50+.
The nylon fabric adds to its ability to repel water and increases its durability. Use of lightweight fiberglass ribs and spreaders makes it easy to carry. The carrying case is also comparatively bigger than the umbrella, which makes it easy to be placed inside and out.

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Rio 6' Tilt Umbrella

This Rio product comes with not one but many features to make it to this list! The tilt feature enables it to adjust in 5 different positions. Also, with a silver sun blocking undercoating and the heavy-duty polyester fabric, this beach umbrella has the UPF rating of 100+.
Not only this, for those who consider the aesthetic appeal to be equally important as the sturdy features, the good news is that this product comes in seven different patterns. These include: The Tropical Lagoon Print, Surfology Blue Stripe, Solid Red with Orange Trim, Bright Multi Stripe, Tropical Lagoon Fish Print and Red Blue and New Bold Stripe.

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Nautica 7' UPF 50+ Polyester Beach Umbrella

Yet another highly reviewed and sought after names in the market of beach umbrellas is Nautica 7' UPF 50+. With its sturdiness and easy portability, its 7 ft wide canopy gives an aptly spacious shelter during those sunny outings.
It is equipped with two tilt positions that make it stable during the windy weather. Also, with the UPF rating of 50+, it ensures efficient protection from UV rays. It also comes with 4 inch sun flaps to provide an added shade. This is one of the highly recommended products around.

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The Beach Hut

While most beach umbrellas would give you the patterns and the sun protection, many lack the 'privacy' that you may need. Yes, the Beach Hut is designed in such a way that it gives you the look of a three-sided cabana.
It has side panels that can be rolled up and down, depending upon your need for a wider view, or a private enclosure. The umbrella has a 7-foot diameter and an SPF rating of 50. A great choice for those who find it difficult to get hold of a changing room in time.
With different consumers having different needs, it becomes essential to be clear of what exactly do you seek in your particular choice. More than what is claimed by the manufacturer or the seller, it is important to pay attention to the reviews of the buyers that have already used the product.
This becomes all the more crucial if you are willing to spend a considerable amount of money in your brand new beach umbrella. Devoting some good time in research is essential to get the product that is well worth the money. All the best!