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Best Beaches in Puerto Rico

The Island blessed with nearly 300 beaches proves to be a paradise for all beach lovers. Discover the best beaches in Puerto Rico and enjoy various water sports, underwater life, and beautiful views of crystal clear blue water.
Meenakshi Sutar Jul 1, 2020
Flamenco Beach
Flamenco beach located in Culebra is one of the most beautiful beaches in Puerto Rico. You can swim, relax, or just walk on the white sandy beach savoring the beauty of crystal blue water.
La Playuela Beach
Situated in Cabo Rojo, the half-moon-shaped La Playuela beach captivates you with its charming beauty and scenery around. Witness the pleasing and breathtaking views of waters while sunbathing on this beach.
Playa Crash Boat
Want to explore underwater life? Enjoy snorkeling, fishing, swimming, and scuba diving in this amazing beach located in Rincon.
Cayo Icacos Beach in Fajardo
Paddle-boarding or swimming in the crystal clear water of the beach under the blue sky or strolling on the white sand will make you feel serene. A perfect place to connect to yourself!
Jobos Beach - Isabela
The glistening waters of Jobos beach make it a favorite family-friendly spot to relax. The surrounding vegetation offers shades to sit and relax watching the calm beach.
Domes Beach
Domes Beach is famous for surfing and whale watching during the winter. This is also one of the best beaches in Puerto Rico for relaxing.
Luquillo Beach
This breathtaking beach with its calm waves and low tides attracts families and large groups of people. Kids enjoy playing and having fun on this beach.
Combate Beach
Sparkling waters, extensive reefs make Combate Beach the perfect spot for diving. Also, watching the dazzling sunsets on this beach will give you an outstanding pleasure.
Isla Verde, San Juan
Isla Verde beach is popular for parasailing and jet skiing. A variety of hotels and restaurants along its shores also makes it a favorite spot of visitors.
Escambron Beach
The most spectacular beach is famous for snorkeling, swimming, and strolling. Being part of Tercer Milenio Park the beach also offers various recreational activities.
Sun Bay Beach
Sun Bay beach with blue waters and white sand is one of the best beaches in Puerto Rico. The tall palm trees and green landscapes in the surroundings make it a favorite spot of beach lovers.
Tortuga Beach
Savor some ‘Me’ time and disconnect from daily chaos on this deserted beach that is accessible only by boat or seaplane. Enjoy snorkeling while watching beautiful sea creatures and green turtles.
Ocean Park Beach
Ocean Park Beach is a less crowded beach where you can do kite-surfing, paddle tennis, or play beach volleyball.
You can also enjoy delicious sandwiches or hot crab empanadas from the local vendors who come there on weekends.
Gilligan’s Island in Guanica
Also known as Cayo Aurora, this small island with the clearest water is a perfect spot for beginner snorkeler or swimmer.
Montones Beach
Located in Isabela, the shallow Montones Beach with depth-less tides is preferred by families with kids due to its safe environment.
Dorado Beach
Blessed with charming nature settings and golden sand, Dorado Beach is a perfect destination to spend the leisure time enjoying watersports and beautiful scenery around.