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Best Beaches to Visit in Chicago, Illinois

Shantanu Godase
The summer season in Chicago calls for a lot of fun and adventure activities.
One of the most sought-after activities pursued by locals and tourists alike in Chicago during the summer season is their visit to a beach.
Chicago has some of the most beautiful and stunning beaches.
Crystal clear waters, white sand, nearby restaurants, adventure activities, water sports, etc. are some of the highlights of the Chicago beaches.
Thus, you can imagine how much fun it is when you visit one of the many beaches in this place with your family and friends.
Many popular beaches in Chicago attract all the locals and the tourists towards them. Here are some of the most beautiful beaches that you must visit to laze around and have a good time.
This beach is one of the most popular places in the city.
Oak Street Beach
You can sunbathe, participate in amazing volleyball tournaments, gorge upon your favorite food at the restaurant, and enjoy the stunning view of the skyline.
This beach has amenities such as bike rentals, restrooms, concessions, lifeguards, first aid stations, etc.
This park is nearby the famous Rainbow Beach Victory Garden of Chicago.
Rainbow Beach And Park
If you are done seeking some tranquil time and admiring the greenery at the garden, hop into this beach and participate in some of the most amazing water sports carried out here.
There is a playground where you can play different sports. This beach also has amenities such as Wi-Fi, fitness center, restroom, etc.
Leone Beach Park
This beach is known as the largest beach in Chicago. It is the best place to be in if you want to lounge around or indulge in a much-needed sunbathing session.
The panoramic views around the beach are captivating. The beach park also has a grassy area where you can enjoy a picnic with your family.
Foster Beach
If you want to spend some time in a place that is not overcrowded by people, this is the place to be in. The fantastic location of this beach is worth all the hype.
This is the perfect place to carry out several intimate celebrations such as birthdays, reunions, picnic with the family, and many other activities.
Belmond Harbor Dog Beach
Bring your dear pooch along at this beach to have a lot of fun. Your pooch will enjoy his heart out and so will you.

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There are many activities carried out at this beach that will not disappoint either of you. This is certainly the perfect spot where you can spend quality time with your family and your dear dog.
Ohio Street Beach
This beautiful beach is situated in front of the skyscrapers. Thus, this is a place of respite amidst the hustle-bustle of the city.
You can take a 10-minute walk from the Magnificent Mile to reach this spot. The adventure fiends can carry out activities such as canoeing, kayaking, and swimming. Weekends at this beach are super busy.
All these Chicago beaches are going to steal your heart. These are the places to be in. So, what are you waiting for? Pack your beach essentials, drive down to these beaches, and spend a gala time.