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Best Cities for Foodies in the US

Caution: Do not browse this story on an empty stomach!
Chaitrali Datar May 22, 2020
The food scene of United States is as diverse as the country and every city has something delicious to offer! Are you ready to explore?
1. Portland
Famous for: Breweries and wineries.
There are more than 75 breweries in Portland.
Right from the local cuisines to farm fresh products to continental fare and finally global cuisines, Portland tops the list when it comes to best food in America.
Portland also holds the highest number of Food Festivals in the States (every month). It has cusines from all over the world.
2. New York
Well known for Bagels, Hot dogs and Falafels.
Specialty of NYC: Cheesecake.
NY is essentially a city of food trends. It's here you will find purple burgers, dessert dumplings or pan-cake sandwiches. Foodies will literally have a field day!!!
Interestingly, the first and the last item listed in any menu catagory normally tastes the best in NY restaurants!
3. Miami
Famous for: Frozen desserts, ice-creams.
Must try: Flavored Yoghurts
Miami is a perfect combo of Cuban and Haitian cuisine. It reflects the fun vibe of South Florida. From burgers to sea-food, the fare blends in perfectly with the city's aesthetics.
Yogurt Fruit Dish
4. San Francisco
Famous for : Bakery Products, chocolateries, burritos.
The Pisco Punch is a famous drink in SF, originally from Peru.
SF has numerous family friendly restaurants and the highest number of 3 star Michelin restaurants in the US.
Food from SF also has imprints of Philippines, Vietnamese and Chinese cuisines owing to the Immigrant population.
5. Las Vegas
Famous for: Continental and American.
Must try: Drinks at the Atomic Liquor Bar.
Enjoy the sumptuous cuisines in Vegas right from Thai, Japanese, Italian and the best wines in the world.
Vegas is also called as Celebrity Chef Land as there are over 40  world expert chefs giving the 42.9 million tourists a gourmet delight!
6. Houston
Famous for: Vietnamese and Mexican
Food: Must try the Barbecue.
Houston's Food Pallete is an eclectic mix of the traditional and innovative. Right from Greek Food to African-American to Spanish and Indian.
There are more than 10,000 restaurants in Houston and residents dine out here more often than any other US city.
7. Seattle
Famous for: Sea-Food, Asian, Hawaiian.
Must try: Craft Beer and Coffee.
Seattle's tech boom has contributed immensely to the flourishing food delights in the city. It is also home to some exquisite coffee restaurants.....reason?
The first Starbucks outlet was started in Seattle on March 31st 1971, by 3 students of University of San Francisco.
8. Austin
Famous for: Food Trucks (1000+)
Must try: Authentic American Food
Sausages are also an extremely popular delicacy in Austin.
Austin is divided into separate neighborhoods and each one of them has a food specialty.
East - Food trucks and cocktails
South - Asian dishes and smoked meats.
Downtown - Swanky restaurants and bars.
Burnet Road - Pizzas, burgers and beer.
Other Top cities for Foodies in the US

Los Angeles: Italian and Asian, Avocado delicacies.
San Diego: Fish Tacos, Craft Cocktails, Mexican.
Chicago: Deep-dish Pizza, Italian Beef Sandwiches, Hot Dogs.
Atlanta: Middle Eastern and Latin American.
When you are visiting any of these cities in the States, do try out the dishes!
Bon Appétit!