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Best Cities to Visit in Finland

Finland was named the happiest country in the world in 2020 for the third year in the annual World Happiness Report.

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Love at first sight is what you experience in Helsinki, Finland’s capital, for its high standards of living and extravagant design.
A perfect day in lovely alleys leading to the ancient Turku castle, chirpy restaurants and grand buildings along the Aura River is what Turku is all about.
On the edge of Lake Saimaa is Lappeenranta adorned with churches, attracting tourists who look forward for fun-filled water activities in summer.
Usually sunny, the beautiful Savonlinna city, with an elegant castle crowing the hills surrounded by Saimaa lake, is sure to capture your heart.

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One of the largest cities in Finland, Tampere is a cultural center and is known for musical orchestra and museums.
We all have been asking for the address of Santa Claus. Well, now you know! Ravaniemi has a Santa Claus village that feels like Christmas all year round.
Tap into Oulu’s vibe with warm sun, elegant buildings, lively crowd and delicious food stalls at the waterfront of Oulujoki River.
Bustling with energy, Jyvaskyla has great architectural designs, stunning lakes and is a host to World Rally Championship.
With a fairy-tale setting, ancient, historical and charmingly warm - the colorful Porvoo is a peaceful getaway.
Kuopio is a world in itself. Known as the cultural center of Eastern Finland, wide range of musical and dance education can be availed here.

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Preserve your energy for this city in summer - water activities, forest hiking, dance festivals, great museums and slurping food - Kuopio keeps its promise.

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