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9 Best Day Trips From Paris You Must Take

"Paris is always a good idea!"
- Audrey Hepburn
Yes, it is! Paris always is the first destination one would like to visit on a France trip.
However, Paris can seem overwhelmingly crowded and it is best to club it up with enticing excursions few hours away from the city.
During a Paris trip, take some time to venture beyond the city borders and you will find a plethora of excellent getaways just a couple of hours away.
Here are some ideas for day trips from Paris you can include in your France vacation.
Many feel that Disneyland is located within Paris City. It is actually located an hour away from Paris in the town of Chessy.
1 hour away from Paris
A perfect escapade from reality into a magical realm filled with fantasy, a trip to Disneyland is a splendid way to spend a fun-filled day.
20 minutes away from Paris
One of the closest suburbs to Paris, this gorgeous township offers serene lakes and parks perfect for nature strolls. The township has a blend of floral foliage, sprawling garden landscapes and historic museums to visit.
40 minutes away from Paris
A beautiful township known for its reminiscent of Ancien Régime and architectural marvels, Versailles takes you to the bygone era of France with its magnificent castles and royal palaces dotted with grand fountains and manicured lawns.
90 minutes away from Paris
Known as the site of French landing, this beach town has come a long way since its historic significance. Today, it is a place for beach lovers to escape into nature’s solace away from the noise of urbanism.
Loire Valley
2 hours away from Paris
A hamlet filled with grand chateaux, fortresses and scenic countryside; Loire Valley is a place perfect to revisit renaissance era’s exceptional architectural landmarks.
Champagne Region
40 minutes away from Paris
Magnificent vineyards, impressive cathedrals dotted all over this township, visit Champagne to sip bubbly champagne wine, explore the rustic heritage and enjoy the slow-paced French life.
40 minutes away from Paris
Another French Renaissance steeped township that is a great option for a day trip from Paris. The commune is famous for the Palace of Fontainbleau grandly representing the royal era of French heritage.
1 hour away from Paris
This serene village located in Northern France is where famous artist Monet resided. Giverny offers a humble commemoration to this impression artist by preserving his home, gardens and famous paintings.
5 hours away from Paris
Though it is farthest from Paris, this fascinating town is an amazing destination to visit on a day trip from Paris. On a TGV high-speed train ride, you can reach Bordeaux from Paris in just 2 hours!
Ideal for gourmet food scene and wine tastings, Bordeaux has a UNESCO tag and takes you to a journey filled with historic heritage, culture and French cuisine amid picturesque vistas.
France is more than just Paris… look beyond and you'll find yourself immersed in extraordinary French experiences.

 Sreedevi Nair

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