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Best Disney Parks Around the World

Enticing and entertaining, we have listed some of the best Disney Parks around the world.
Batul Nafisa Baxamusa May 22, 2020
Disney Parks are situated around the world and offer family-friendly theme parks, water parks, and more to fulfill one's childhood fantasy.
There are 12 Disney Parks around the world located in 6 different Disney resorts.
Known as the 'Happiest Place on Earth', let's find out the top 10 Disney Parks in the world.
Best Disney Parks to Visit For a Fun Holiday
Disney World, Florida
This is the most visited Disney Park in the world and home to the famous Cinderella's castle which is featured in the Disney logo.
Disneyland, California
This is the place to relive the nostalgia of the original rides like Peter Pan's Flight, Mad Tea Party, and more. It also features the shop-till-you-drop Downtown Disney shopping district to purchase Disney merchandise.
Tokyo Disney Resort, Japan
Tokyo Disneyland has two parks in one location. It includes Disneyland Tokyo and DisneySea. The best time to visit Tokyo Disney Resort is during Christmas.
Disneyland, Paris
This is the perfect place for Europeans who do not wish to travel to other continents for fun. There are 2 theme parks here, the Disneyland Paris and Disney Studios.
Hong Kong Disneyland
The place offers 7 theme parks, a daily parade, special holiday events, and
even lets you take pictures with your favorite Disney characters.
Shanghai Disneyland
Shanghai Disneyland has the most number of original 'fictional' worlds. It has many thrilling rides that give an out of the world experience.
Walt Disney World, Florida
Disney World, Florida has a complete animal theme park with lions, tigers, and bears. It gives kids a chance to explore the rainforests of South America, the African Safaris, as well as the immersive World of Avatar.
Walt Disney Studios Park, Paris
This other park at Disneyland Paris is the basic interpretation of Hollywood. You get to ride the Crush's Coaster as well as Ratatouille ride.
Hollywood Studios
It is designed around Hollywood too, and has about 9 rides. It is said to be one of the best-themed lands in Disney world.
Tokyo DisneySea
It's wild, it's beautiful, it's immersive. Tokyo DisneySea is more than just the attractions, it has pure entertainment that allows one to interact hands-on with the adventures of 'The Sea'.
These are the best Disney Parks around the world. So get ready to get blasted with fantasy, magic and enjoy the time of your life with your family and loved ones.