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Best Places To Visit in Chandigarh

The Swiss- French City Of India!!
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Chandigarh is one of the early planned cities in post-independence India and is internationally known for its architecture and urban design.
The structure and design of the city with lakes, modern and historic buildings, several vivacious gardens and boulevards, is sure to leave one mesmerized.
If you wish to see a perfect combination of nature and urbanization, Chandigarh is meant for you. This beautifully planned city is one amongst the most visited cities in India.
Be it historic buildings or gardens, lakes or temples, valleys or art galleries, markets or museums, Chandigarh has everything a tourist can wish for.
Check out our list of some best places amongst a number of awesome ones to plan your trip now.
Rock Garden
A perfect example of best out of waste, this garden is a huge hall that exhibits sculptures made out of waste.
Designed by a road inspector named Nek Chand in 1957, this creative display of industrial and urban waste is surely an unmissable place in Chandigarh.
Sukhna Lake
Water babies alert!! This gorgeous lake is the most picturesque locations in Chandigarh. Sukhna Lake is a man made stretch of 3 kms.
It serves as a good spot to admire the hilly beauty of the city and is also one of its kind for a family picnic.
Rose Garden
With 825 species of flowering plants, Rose Garden in Chandigarh is ideal for nature lovers.
The beautiful sight of colorful flowers is mesmerizing and authentic with amazing fragrances. Quite popular amongst couples and families, this spot is truly a bliss.
International Doll Museum
Showcasing the doll culture from across the country and beyond, the International Dolls Museum in Chandigarh is a place one can never forget.
Including 250 dolls and puppets collected from several countries like India, Denmark, Germany, Spain, and Korea these pretty miniatures are a delightful treat to the eyes.
Iscon Temple
One of the most famous places in the city, this temple is a divine place to visit throughout the year. The peaceful atmosphere all around calms the soul and soothes the body and mind.
Leisure Valley
The lungs of Chandigarh city, this 8 km stretch of greenery is the most beautiful tourist place in Chandigarh.
From botanical to rose, terrace and Hibiscus, the Valley holds tens of imperial parks.
Musical Fountain
Relive the childhood fantasy with this exhilarating water, music and laser show at Chandigarh.
It remains a little crowded and thus it’s a place for the crowd lovers mainly. Perfect to spend an evening at this can be in your list.
National Gallery of Portraits
Admire the beautiful art at the museum constructed for the well-known freedom fighters of India.
It showcases rare documents, portraits, and recorded voices that are proof of the struggles that were endured by the fighters.
Hops N Grains
It is the first microbrewery in Chandigarh and one of its kind. Hops N Grains gives you a great experience of Chandigarh's happening nightlife.
All the night loving people out there do not forget to check on this amazing place.
Timber Trail
Parwanoo is located almost 36 km from Chandigarh, the hill town provides tranquility from the hustle and bustle of city life.
People flock here to be refreshed and wash away the city blues. A much loved picnic spot, it is so much about scenic beauty.
Looking for your travel bags already?? Indeed, you might be!! Book your tickets now and don’t forget to have time to visit these wonderful places of this beautiful city.

 Priyanka Wadhwani

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